"Official" Photos from the Brian Kraft 5K

>> Monday, June 07, 2021

Race buddy Tom R posted a huge album of 5K photos on Facebook. Here are a few I'd love to share:

Maybe 10 seconds after the start.

A few brief sights of my at the start: my shoes/calf sleeves and the side of my head.


The stripes in my calf sleeves make me easier to find.

One leg and one foot.

Teammate Mike back there in the orange.

Tom (#203)

Kari and Meg.

... with Gloria behind them in blue.

189 is my neighbor!

The guy on the right didn't finish close to last, so his number in his hand makes me
think he just nearly missed the start. (Thought the race started at 9:00 maybe?)

Like I mentioned in my race report, the top 11 finished under 15:00, with the winner setting a course record of 14:08! Here's their finish:

Gutting it out, with 2nd and 3rd back there.

Making it look easy in this photo.

1st through 3rd, with 1st laying on the road.

This is a 19-year-old in 5th, and he's checking over his shoulder...

... because there were 6 guys within 7 seconds of him!

Docherty with his tongue out and straining!

Ya know, I TRY to run a good tangent at these races,
and this guy isn't. But he ran a 15:20, so I'll shut up...

... and then he's making it look easy in the next photo!

These guys had a RACE to the finish over 3 photos...

... matching strides!...

... so much pain in their faces! They both finished in 15:30 (#185 beat #183).

I was admiring these shorts with bananas all over them pre-race.

The winning female making it look EASY in 16:02!!

This guy looks like he enjoys grilling and craft beer... NOT running 16 minute 5Ks! Nice work!

The female race for second!

So much pain in #2's face! (She wasn't able to catch #158 for 2nd.)

Brian introduced me to #82 post-race. And there's Nathan back there in red.

I love everything about this photo. Nice PR Nathan!

Former pro triathlete David Thompson.

Here are a few around my finishing time that I showed in my race report:

Hiding a few seconds behind Brian (#62).

There I am!

#93 was the only one who passed me in the last 2 miles. He was making it look easy...

... I, on the other hand, was NOT making it look easy. I was making
it look like murder. (Close up of the previous photo.)

A bit of a gap behind me.

Close up.


I've said this before: race buddy Evan (#210) has some great finishing faces!

And behind him was long-ago-duathlon-race-buddy Gracia! (#307)

Gracia with Melissa behind her. Both smiling! (Or grimacing.)

Charlie in the white hat.

Tom R. Thanks for posting all these photos, Tom!


Teammate Mike back there in the orange!


This poor kid obviously had a side-stitch. I feel for him!

Poor guy! (But I love the face of the guy next to him!)

Pregnant Thea! (That's Devon's wife who's pregnancy news I broke in my race report).

Teammate Kari back there!

Brian's wife Ann!


My neighbor! Setting a PR!

I have questions/concerns about that guy's wardrobe back there.

If you missed it, here's my race report, and here are all of Tom's photos on Facebook.


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