More Photos from the Minneapolis Halloween Half

>> Monday, November 05, 2018

I found this album of more photos from the Minneapolis Halloween Half. Here are 16 more photos I want to share:

Start of the 10K and Half Marathon. You can see me in pink behind the watermark.

I love that they had a "last runner."

A small herd of dinos in the 5K.

The winner of the 10K, just 30 seconds from the finish line.

The winner of the 5K (starting 16 mins after us) was the 2nd to the line.

Then I was next. I look paaaaained. I was trying to shave a few seconds off for a PR.

The Flash who I passed just a minute before (he was in the 5K).

The guy was labeled 6th, but he was the true 3rd place (39:25, or 2:55 behind me).
(I explained more about the strange results in this post.)

Teammate Mike posting a good 5K time!
Now gearing up for his Santa duties... no really.

The hot dog I started next to.

Here comes my wife!...

... and Angela just behind her!

The Dude and RBG.

A smiley zombie who has sweet tights! (That I'd totally wear.)

A White Russian.

An organ grinding monkey in the 5K. Holy balls.

Here's my race report if you missed it, and here are some more photos.


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