Ask Steve: THEE Most Important Winter Running Layer

>> Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Last week, I got this tweet from Molly:

You see my response, and I've stuck with those for this cold winter. (They're saying it's the coldest winter since 1984. And yes, I've been doing a lot of running inside, but I've done my share of outdoor running, too.)

Below is a post from last year when I got my "Sugoi Wind Boxers" from my wife for Valentines Day - the post was called "My Wife Loves My Penis, and She Proved it on Valentine's Day:"

It's true. For Valentine's Day, my wife got me this:

Those are windproof shorts to keep Capt'n Happy warm and... well... happy. I've frozen my penis on a few runs in the past. (Here's the story of the first time it happened.) I've learned to wear a few extra layers down there on any run 25 degrees or colder. But now I don't have to.

Since then, I've worn the shorts for a few runs. They're tight, warm, super soft, and fantastic. I've had to ONLY wear those under my running pants even in windy 15 degree weather - nothing more. I love them. And I love that my wife is looking out for my manhood.

p.s. I had about a million other titles worked up for this post. Many were full of innuendo. Some were super naughty. Some were down-right dirty. But I took the high road and went with a clean, straight-forward, anatomically correct title. I guess I'm getting a little soft in my old age. But not around my hot wife.

**ba dum tss**

Well, since THAT post nearly a year ago, I've worn them many many times. They are 10x better than Under Armour shorts. I still like my Under Armour for under running shorts when it's 30-45 degrees, and I still wear my Under Armour under pants when it's in the teens, but I wear these Sugoi Wind Boxers when it's anywhere around 0 degrees. On the coldest, windiest runs, I still need a BIT more help, but these things are great.

Here are a few cold-weather-running-related links:
- Tips on how to run outside in the cold
- If you can't handle it outside, here are my 2 treadmill tips
- And just for fun: my race report (and lots of mid-race selfies) during a FREEZING 25 below 10K

And speaking of my penis, back with some BIG, FUN NEWS tomorrow!!


Steve Stenzel 8:23 AM, February 05, 2014  

Update: this morning's run was -2 with a -21 below windchill, and my penis was fine. Just had my thin "swishy pants" with my windproof boxers beneath.

Robyn 10:49 AM, February 05, 2014  

I read your "frozen penis" posts when I was getting ready to move to MN (having lived, in the previous 20 years, in North Carolina, Washington State, and Kentucky) and they didn't dissuade me, but they did make me think twice! Luckily, all my important anatomy is located closer to my body than that...

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