Goals for Tomorrow's Swim Meet

>> Saturday, February 22, 2014

The final "psych sheets" are out for the meet tomorrow, and there are no surprises: I'll be one of the slower ones there.

First up is the 50. Out of the 50 people signed up, I'm seeded 38th:

GOALS FOR THE 50: Don't dive like a complete ass, don't take any extra breaths near the end, and shoot for a sub-31 PR. Can you go sub-30? Doubtful (it will need a REALLY nice dive), but go nuts.

After that is the 500. I'm scared of this one. Everyone's been telling me that 500s hurt like a mother. I'm seeded 21st out of 31. MAYBE I can gain a couple of spots and finish around 7:00. We'll see. I'm freaking out a little.

Hey, it looks like I WON'T be in the slowest heat! Woo hoo!
(Now let's just make sure I don't make a fool of myself in the 2nd slowest heat...)

GOALS FOR THE 500: Start off hard but not TOO hard for the first 200, then don't be a wuss (push the effort) from 200-400. Really concentrate on good streamlined push-offs, and don't worry about not knowing your 100 splits at the moment. Just turn in a good effort. (I could be thrilled with a 7:30 or pissed off at a sub-7:00 - I have NOOO idea what to expect here.)

And then just 2 events after that is the 100. It's more important to me to PR in the 100 (than the 50), but after that 500, I just might be hashed. Again, we'll have to see. A PR would be overtaking the next time in front of me (sub-1:10.17):

Seeded 28th out of 42.

GOALS FOR THE 100: Streamlined push-offs, and lots of pain in this race. Just deal with it and go. Can you go sub-1:10?

It's a good thing I didn't sign up for the 1000. Patrick Parish is a local speedy triathlete (who is never the first out of the water at a triathlon), and he's seeded 3.7 seconds out of last place in the 1000:

Had I done this, people would be waiting around around 3-5 minutes for me to finish. Yikes.

Keep an eye on my Instagram photos and my tweets on Sunday morning and afternoon because I'll probably be updating from the pool. Here goes nothing....

p.s. Did you see my red chest in my last post from my horrible practice dives? I'm just not good.


Rachel Elizabeth 4:27 PM, February 22, 2014  

New Goal: Stop calling your starts "dives" :) But good luck! Swimming is awesome and I sometimes think about getting back out there for masters swimming. And yes, 500s hurt....

Jennifer Harrison 4:48 PM, February 22, 2014  

Ha! Rachel your "dive" comment is the best!
Steve, get your ass out there and just put your head down, be smart, breathe and swim hard. Easy as pie.
That 500 time for that gal at 5.12 for a female adult is impressive.

GET out and get it done....YOU will go sub 7:30, no problem. Good luck.

And, remember, NO breathing in the 50. Well, as few as you can manage!

AND no belly flops. TUCK YOUR CHIN when you go off the blocks.


Steve Stenzel 7:15 PM, February 22, 2014  

Rachel and Jen, I'll just start calling them FLOPS because that's what they are! :)

"Being smart" is the hard part for me, Jen. I know how to be smart in a 50 and 100, but I'm not so sure about the 500. No breathing in the 50… got it.


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