Just Registered for TWO Upcoming Races

>> Monday, February 10, 2014

The first is a swim meet in 2 weeks:

Yep, I registered for the 50 and 100 like I did last year at this meet (my FIRST swim meet), but I also took the leap and thought I'd try the 500. *gulp* Aaron G was teasing me about showing up JUST to get photos of my 19 non-flip turns in the 500. Yep, I'll be the guy not flip-turning. Deal with it. I have.

And notice in that image above that the 100 is just 2 events after the 500. I expect to be pretty hashed for that 100. Should be a fun time!

And then, WE registered for an indoor triathlon:

In about 6 weeks, I'll be doing an indoor triathlon with my pregnant wife. (Oh yeah, if you missed it, I announced that Pharmie's pregnant with a baby boy! Click that link for a photo from last week.) The indoor tri ends with a 1 mile run on a 200 meter track, so I don't think that will be a problem for me coming off my running injury.

And my wife is good about taking it easy in a "race" when she needs too. If you remember, she did the 2011 TC 1 Mile when she was 36 weeks pregnant:

And then her and her pregnant running buddy ran the Grand Old Day 5K when she was at 39 weeks (and Abbe was 40 weeks):

Time to hit the pool for some shorter, harder workouts this week. And I actually hopped on a spin bike in a spin class 10 days ago - I may need to bike a little more before the indoor tri.


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