>> Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'll cut to the chase:


Last night: 26 weeks along! (Due in mid-May.)

When she did the TC "Toddler Trot" with Henry back in Oct, she was pregnant:

Meltdown starting during the race.

Pharmie carrying cranky Hank across the line.

And she didn't run her 14th straight Twin Cities Marathon the day after that because she had a little bleeding for about a week before. She was planning on running it super easy after completing all the training. (She ran the 2010 TC Marathon easy while a few weeks pregnant with Henry.) But she's not stupid - because things weren't 100% with pregnancy #2, she sat it out. And as I showed in this post, she cheered on friends and family with me:

Henry and Pharmie cheering on the 10 Mile finishers.

A high five from big sis!

I bet 90% of dedicated readers knew she was pregnant back in October - I mentioned that she sat out the marathon due to some "abdominal problems" (technically true), and everyone was kind enough to NOT leave comments like "Yeah, sure. THAT'S why she didn't race."

Henry came on a day I was planning on racing a triathlon, so I had a different sort of "race report" to write up. Baby #2 will probably be coming a month before Henry (May vs June), so we'll see if I end up missing a duathlon this Spring... :)

Adventure awaits!!!


MCM Mama 6:58 AM, February 06, 2014  

Congrats! Two boys make for a fun (and crazy) household!

Anonymous,  7:16 AM, February 06, 2014  

Congrats Steve! So happy for your entire family.

Ririnette 7:30 AM, February 06, 2014  

Fantastic news!! My boys are also 2 years apart.I know they will make best friends!!

TriMOEngr 8:05 AM, February 06, 2014  

What wonderful news! I wasn't one who figured it out though had wondered if/when #2 would come along. Your Henry and his sibling will be almost exactly the same age separation as my Henry and his sister. I'm just about 10 years ahead of you though (my Henry will be 13 in may and is already almost 5'10"). Should be great fun. Are you getting a double jogger to continue your runs with kids? Best wishes to Pharmie as she goes into her final months. Congrats again.

Robyn 8:38 AM, February 06, 2014  

Totally delighted and pleased for all of you. And 3 years apart is awesome spacing. My two boys are two years apart (5 and 7) and they are total partners in crime now. Yours will be too. The magic point, for us and other parents we talked to, is when Little Guy gets to about 18 months and can physically defend himself enough to play with Big Guy without you hovering over them.

Anonymous,  8:42 AM, February 06, 2014  

Great News! Congratulations and stock up on sleep while you can!!

Bikerpete 9:28 AM, February 06, 2014  

Congratz and best wishes from good ol' germany!

Two boys don't mean double action - it is action² :-)
My two sons (3 and 7) keep me busy all the time when I am at home.
But it is great to see them grow.

Prepare for some 'Blue Helmet' missions, when #2 is old enough to defend his toys! :-)

Best wishes,


Carolina John 1:41 PM, February 06, 2014  

Congrats brother! Having 2 is a handful, but totally worth it. Henry's going to love having a little buddy to play with.

Merrilee 6:22 PM, February 06, 2014  

Congratulations!!! How exciting!

Steve Stenzel 8:00 AM, February 07, 2014  

Thanks everyone! Pharmie's actually quite excited to have a house full of boys! :)

Old She dragon 11:09 AM, February 07, 2014  

Many congrats Steve ,Pharmi and Henry

Alinda 2:19 PM, February 08, 2014  

Congratulations! Pharmie is a courageous woman (Steve & 2 mini Steves and all the speedos...)

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