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>> Wednesday, February 12, 2014

On one of our final days in Israel, we toured the Source facilities. Well, *I* didn't because I think eating so fantastically had finally caught up to me - I was resting in bed for the morning. But when the gang got back, I was filled in with regards to how awesome it was.

Source makes all kinds of stuff (including sandals infused with another Israeli company Cupron [copper material] that will resist bacterial growth and keep the stank down), but I'm focusing on their Hydration Packs today.

Here are a few photos from Noa (the awesome photographer traveling with us) that show part of the tour:

Making bladders on site.

Everything's done in-house.

We were sent away with some of their sandals, and they seem pretty sweet. Being it was -18 AIR TEMP yesterday morning (-24 windchill), I really haven't had a chance to use them yet. We were also all sent home with a Dune Hydration Pack and a Widepac Hydration Bladder:

My pack that traveled home with me - the one I'm giving away.

Here's a bit about the Dune Hydration Pack:

Pack Features:
• Lightweight Fabrics - Ripstop 70D Nylon
• Lightweight, high performance. Optimal ventilation breathable materialsand open 3D air-mesh
• Contoured shoulder straps with low resistance to air flow
• External clasp for walking poles or dedicated equipment
• Closed strapping system prevents loose ends LED tab holder
• Elastic mesh compartment for extra cargo
• Fast access hip pockets: quickly access your essentials on the move
• Reflect straps for better visibility
• Storganizer™ internal multipocket system keeps tools separate and secure
• Hip belt keeps the system perfectly balanced against the body
• Adjustable sternum belt for stability and a perfect fit
• Magnetic clip for the tube

The "X-Fit" system allows the shoulder straps to move independently from each other so it stays comfortable on your back.

And here's a bit about the Widepac Hydration Bladder:


• Widepac™ closure (U.S Patent No. 7,648,276,B2)
User-friendly Widepac™ slide closure allows easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion. Airtight seal.

• Glass Like™ Film Technology
A multi-layer Polyethylene film utilizing SOURCE's Glass-Like™ technology, which prevents bio-film build up making the system self-cleaning. SOURCE's Glass-Like™ Film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself.

• Taste Free™ System
Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste with no plastic flavor. BPA and Phthalate free.

• Grunge-Guard™ Technology
Inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube surfaces for the life of the system. Technology utilized FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent.

• Easy Care & Low Maintenance
Glass-Like™ technology combined with Grunge-Guard™ technology represent a new generation in hydration systems, in which cleaning is no longer an issue. Simply refill and drink again and again without special care. Water will remain fresh for days and even weeks.

• SQC™ - SOURCE Quick Connect (QMT compatible)

• Helix™ Valve - Source bite valve

• Dirt Shield™ - Valve cover

The inside of the bladder is SUPER smooth: Source's Glass-Like™ technology keeps bacteria from sticking to the inside. And there's this cool "quick fill" feature that will allow you fill it quickly from a faucet or water bottle withOUT overfilling it.


You can enter by simply commenting on this post, but you can earn MORE entries to better your chances (much like the other giveaways I've done in the past). If you just want to comment to enter, you can skip all of the "optional" steps and go right down to Step 4.

• Step 1 (optional): to earn +1 extra entry: follow me and SourceOutdoor on Twitter and send out this tweet to show your love:

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So, check back next week Monday or Tuesday (Feb 17 or 18) to see if you've won! ESPECIALLY if you’re not a blogger, because I have no way of contacting you! The contest is open NOW through 5 pm (central time) on Saturday. At 5 pm, I'll print out all the entries, give extra numbers to those who earned extra entries, and then draw numbers out a hat for the winner!

Pseudo-legal stuff:
- Contest only open to residents of the US and Canada.
- You may comment now (on THIS post) through 5 pm Central time on Saturday, Feb 15.
- The winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator or by drawing numbers out of a hat. If you’ve earned multiple entries, you will get multiple numbers, thus bettering your chances at winning.
- Check back next week (Mon the 17th or Tues the 18th) to see if you won! (Especially if you don’t have a blogger account because I have no way of contacting you.)
- If the winner does not contact me within 2 days after being announced, I'll be forced to draw a new winner. So check back and KEEP checking back in case the winner is lame!

Comment now to be in the running to win this $150 hydration system from Source!!

Comment now to win this!


Brent 7:54 AM, February 12, 2014  

It is my turn to win something. Thanks.

Brent from Shoreview.

Unknown 8:06 AM, February 12, 2014  

You can count 4 for me!

Stu from Raleigh

Laura(LunaChickRuns) 8:07 AM, February 12, 2014  

I like you on FB so 2 entries please!!

Laura(LunaChickRuns) 8:08 AM, February 12, 2014  

I like you on FB so 2 entries please!!

Nathan 8:08 AM, February 12, 2014  

2 entries for me as well.

Rob 8:13 AM, February 12, 2014  

Commenting for a chance to win...

David Neal 8:19 AM, February 12, 2014  

This is David Neal from Chicagoland. I sent out the tweet, I liked you on FB, I follow you on Tumblr, and I follow your blog, so put my name in the hat 4 times! Thanks!

Jen 8:23 AM, February 12, 2014  

Hey Steve! It's Jen from Minneapolis. I like you on FB so 2 entries please. Thanks!

BE 8:30 AM, February 12, 2014  

Well, I also "liked" you on FB so that's at least 2 chances. Thanks

fbhidy 8:34 AM, February 12, 2014  

Follow both on twitter (+1 or +2?)
Liked Steve in a Speedo on Facebook. (+1)
"Follow" on blogger (+1)
Commenting on this post to enter! I really need a new hydro pak, all mine are like 15 years old and need replacing (since I've replaced all the hoses, bite valves, etc several times!)

So I guess +4 total :)

Tap 8:36 AM, February 12, 2014  

3 entries for me! (facebook, blogger, and comment.) Thanks! Good luck with your recovery and races coming up.

BriTriGuy 8:42 AM, February 12, 2014  

2 entries, follow on Facebook and I'm commenting.

Unknown 8:47 AM, February 12, 2014  

Think 5 but I haven't had a math class in years...

Nick 8:55 AM, February 12, 2014  

Liked on Facebook, commented, and trying to figure out how to follow you on Blogger. Should hopefully count for 3 soon.

Anonymous,  9:28 AM, February 12, 2014  

3 entries for me, here's hoping it works!

maija 9:33 AM, February 12, 2014  

i think i follow you. count me for 1.5 :)

Steve Miller 9:42 AM, February 12, 2014  

Hi Steve: I think I have earned 4 entries. I sent the tweet under @bubmiller, I have liked the page on Facebook and I just joined this page.

Since I probably won't win, I might as well decrease everyone's odds.

Anonymous,  9:47 AM, February 12, 2014  

2 please!

Mary in Crystal,  9:49 AM, February 12, 2014  

2 for me please, Facebook and comment. Thank you!

:) 9:49 AM, February 12, 2014  

sign me up, i could use a new hydration pack!

r3dey3 9:56 AM, February 12, 2014  

3 for me - twitter, facebook and this comment!

Ian M. 10:15 AM, February 12, 2014  

Hey Steve. I tweeted and liked and commented. Enter me 3 times please.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 10:19 AM, February 12, 2014  

Two for me! I love hydration packs!!

Anonymous,  10:43 AM, February 12, 2014  

Congrats to you and Pharmie!!! And yes, Pharmie not running because of "abdominal problems" was a total giveaway. ;-) This official announcement is so great though!!!! Can't wait to read all about the new baby boy and his adventures. :-)

Anonymous,  10:47 AM, February 12, 2014  

Aw jeez, I meant to post that to "Big News!" and I meant to post here:

Two for me, please! (one for this comment and one for already liking your blog - Jen Finn).

Sorry for the mix up!!!

SteveQ 11:06 AM, February 12, 2014  

3 entries for me - I will not let you dictate my Tweets. Only the voices in my head can do that.

Foges 12:19 PM, February 12, 2014  

blog, FB, and here... three please!

Kris 12:33 PM, February 12, 2014  

2 for me please, follower, and comment. Thanks!

mattpatt 2:13 PM, February 12, 2014  

Comment, Like on FB, and a following on Blogger = 3 entries. Thanks!

Anonymous,  3:03 PM, February 12, 2014  

That would be a sweet gift to receive. (George Fulp)

Unknown 4:14 PM, February 12, 2014  

Sigh, one day maybe you will post to England :(

Unknown 4:25 PM, February 12, 2014  

4 entries for a thirsty runner

RunningWhit 8:16 PM, February 12, 2014  

Put me down for 4 entries - I tweeted, liked, and follow your blog! I'm looking for a hydration pack to use this fall running Rim to Rim in Grand Canyon. The strap design features on the Source pack sound really interesting.

Steel Springs 10:29 PM, February 12, 2014  

This looks great! Please count me in for three entries (Twitter, following with Google, and this comment). Thanks!

Unknown 11:17 PM, February 12, 2014  

To stay healthy,
to be healthy, drink
Sufficient quantity of water..

Nutrition and Hydration week 2014

Merrilee 4:47 AM, February 13, 2014  

Very cool! I wanna win! Thanks Steve for sharing the loot.

Anonymous,  9:09 AM, February 13, 2014  

One entry for Kristi from Wisconsin!

eye0eye0 1:21 PM, February 13, 2014  

I tweeted, followed everywhere and commented! :-) +4 if I did my math right!!

Mike 8:39 PM, February 13, 2014  

Please enter me... Everyone needs a good bladder...err, wait a second.

Mike in Mankato

Bwvtrindy 7:55 AM, February 14, 2014  

Would love to win

Rob in Indy

Katie B 8:47 AM, February 14, 2014  

Hey Steve, this is Katie M from Minneapolis. I sent out the tweet, I liked you on FB, but I didn't follow your blog, so put my name in the hat 3 times! Thanks!

Unknown 8:50 PM, February 15, 2014  

I follow your blog, wrote a comment and like you on facebook. You seem like a nice guy. I'd probably like you in real life too. That's 3!

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