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>> Saturday, February 01, 2014

My Instagram shows an abbreviated version of my trip to Israel over 30 photos. I didn't post much on day 2 because I was wandering around Jerusalem getting lost with Nick. (Here are some photos from that day.)

These Instagram photos show how much we saw and did in just a week. Anything in italics is the text from the original Instagram post:

- - - DAY 1 - - -

My day. Sixteen hours in the air.

Today's forecast: cloudy. #NoFilter  (This was from above the winter clouds in the midwest.)

- - - DAY 2 - - -

View of Jerusalem's old city from my hotel room.

- - - DAY 3 - - -

Wednesday morning sunrise over Jerusalem. #nofilter

The wall around Jerusalem.

THEE BEST hummus I've ever had! Jerusalem is fantastic. Thanks @KinetisTeam for the tour!
(This was upstairs in a tiny Jerusalem restaurant above the market. It was awesome.)

Made it to Tel Aviv just in time for the sunset over the Mediterranean. #LifeIsGood

- - - DAY 4 - - -

4th flight in 4 days: Tel Aviv to Eilat for #Israman 70.3 tomorrow!

Boarding our plane pointed straight at the Mediterranean Sea. #Israman #VibeIsrael

Flying over the Negev Desert.

English-speaking pre-race meeting. #Israman

Just finished a swim in the Red Sea. AMAZING. Video in a few hours. #Israman
(Update: the video can be seen here)

Red and white wine on tap. Repeat: RED AND WHITE WINE ON TAP.
(This was the Israman buffet the night before the race.)

- - - DAY 5 - - -

I've got my race tattoos and speedo on! Time to swim! #Israman

Running out of the Red Sea after my relay 70.3 swim at the #Israman triathlon!

Not as fast as I would have liked, but hey, I JUST RACED IN THE RED SEA!!! #Israman
(Update: Here's my full "race report.")

Israelis know how to f*ckin party. This place is awesome. #Israman
(Great energy at the finish - one of the closest things I've seen to an official Ironman vibe.)

- - - DAY 6 - - -

Goodbye King Solomon Hotel in Eilat. See you again in my dreams.

Spring-fed lake in the middle of the desert in Timna Israeli National Park.

All the food here has been FANTASTIC. It makes me moist just thinking about it.

Back to Tel Aviv.

Another amazing meal in Tel Aviv: eggplant ratatouille, seafood paella,
spinach/ricotta gnocchi (THE BEST!), mushroom pasta, sea bass, and spare ribs.

- - - DAY 7 - - -

This is a valid parking job in Tel Aviv. This car has been here all morning.

Lounging by the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks for getting me here @KinetisTeam!

Thanks, walls of #TelAviv. I nearly forgot.

So sue me. I had to try it.
(My burger was pretty dry, but then I was reminded that it was probably kosher.)

- - - DAY 8 - - -

Brunch on the sea.

Breakfast at Manta Ray on the Tel Aviv beachfront: shakshuka (eggs poached in
tomatoes), parmesan eggplant omelet, "Mr. Crunchy" ham and cheese sandwich,
and a veggie Greek salad. I miss Henry, but I don't wanna go home.

- - - DAY 9 - - -

First sights of the US. (New Jersey- yuck.) Can't wait to see my family!

Sunrise somewhere between Newark and Chicago.

Back to real life. Playing with Henry and his massive Lego tower.

And here's a bonus photo from later that day:

You know the shit's REALLY about to hit the fan when....

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Unknown 1:29 PM, February 02, 2014  

What a beautiful trip. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

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