Source Hydration Giveaway WINNER

>> Monday, February 17, 2014

Last week, I posted about a Source hydration pack that I brought back from Israeli that I wanted to giveaway.

There were 58 comments, and a total of 126 entries "in the hat" once people were credited with extra entries for tweeting or liking on FB. I loaded my numbers onto and picked a winner:

#6 coincided with Laura (from LunaChickRuns). Congrats Laura! (She's been posting baby-bump pics, so congrats on THAT too - honestly, THAT'S probably a bigger deal than this hydration pack. Probably. Maybe.)

To all the non-winners, I'll probably be doing a bike-related giveaway either later this week or next week. So CHECK BACK!


Source Outdoor 1:58 AM, February 19, 2014  

Congrats, Laura! Enjoy the DUNE. We'd be happy to read about your experience with your new Hydration Pack. Keep us posted!

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