Follow Up to the GREAT SWIM OFF

>> Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Here's my post from Monday if you missed it. It shows the video of me beating Devon in the pool.

My current mood.

In the pool, I was this Killer Whale and Devon was the seal:

My friends had some great things to say about this image:

Gross. But I kinda see what you're seeing.

Devon hasn't posted his "race report" on his blog yet. All he's done is put up the video. There were 3 comments on it the last I checked:

Thank you, friends of the internet. This is for you:

Swimming buddy Aaron had some relevant info for me:

One of these days... maybe.

Oh, and I found some rare footage of Devon skiing as a kid...

... and I found even rarer footage of Devon as a horse in his previous life:

Now, pardon me, but I have to go mail something for Devon:

Here's my full race report from Monday.


Christopher Hawes 12:56 PM, December 18, 2013  

The horse video and the cartoon at the end have me laughing out loud.

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