Friday Funny 631: Regrettable Tattoo Corrections

>> Friday, December 06, 2013

From HappyPlace, here are 15 of the most regrettable tattoo corrections of all time:

Dick, short for Dicholas

All tattoos eventually return to dust.

We'd all like to do this to certain parts of our exes' bodies.

She's a great singer who broke his heart

Now she has to think about a butterfly all the time, though.

Jane hated black and white swirls.

They broke up because she kept shaving patches of his body.

This way he and Cindy could still get back together!

It would be so awkward if she broke up with her mom now.

What a relief to cover that unsightly heart with two unsightly roses!

Tramp stamp restored to its single gal glory.

0% Tony.

There's only so much you can do for someone with a neck tattoo.

Bonus: birds did not feature prominently in their relationship.

Lots more funnies on!


Unknown 3:46 PM, December 06, 2013  

Awe, I was going to name my first child Dicholas. I thought the Jane one was actually pretty impressive.

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