Friday Funny 636: Drink Responsibly!

>> Friday, December 13, 2013

When you're out having a good time this weekend, PleatedJeans would like to offer up these 20 reasons to drink responsibly:

#1. That pizza you ordered will get all cold and uneaten:

#2. You might accidentally hang yourself:

#3. Or destroy a store display:

#4. You could be ‘that girl’ at the wedding:

#5. Your logic skills will escape you:

#6. You’ll send drunk texts like this:

#7. Or this:

#8. You won’t be able to save the Mushroom Kingdom:

#9. You might embarrass yourself on Facebook:

#10. You’ll fall asleep in strange places:

#11. It could be hazardous to your health:

#12. It could also ‘kill’ you:

#13. You might sleep with someone you regret:

#14. You could eventually be confronted by a really shitty flash mob:

#15. Jon Arbuckle will kick you out:

#16. Or Miss Piggy could divorce you:

#17. You’ll make poor decisions:

#18. Parking becomes a difficult task:

#19. You might block up the bathroom line:

#20. You’ll be placed on the naughty list:

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