Friday Funny 634: Ten Creepy Santas

>> Friday, December 13, 2013

HappyPlace recently posted a lot of scary Santas, and here are my favorite 10:

Don't worry, apathetic little girl! I HAVE ENOUGH CHEER FOR BOTH OF US! HOHOHOHOHO!

They have Christmas in hell?

In the old days, stores saved cash by having sanitarium patients play Santa for free.

Santa's justice is cold, just like his home at the North Pole.

Santa is admiring the gifts she asked for when she was a teenager.

"We didn't really mean we wanted to go back to the North Pole with you! Mom, help!!"

"I'll give you a bicycle if you can defeat me in a staring contest."

This Santa will give you a candy cane if you promise not to tell his boss he's high.

"Oh my God, a child! They're real! I didn't believe it!"

No, the creepiest thing about this is actually Santa's murder-gloves.

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