Friday Funny 637: Comedian Makes Cell Phone Cookies to Prank the Cops

>> Friday, December 13, 2013

Did you hear about this? L.A.-based comedian Randy Liedtke recently thought he'd be funny. (He IS a comedian, so I'm sure he thinks about being funny a lot.) It's illegal to be on your cell phone while driving in Los Angeles, so he was trying to be clever. Here's how it went down:

p.s. I've been posting a bit on my Photo Blog lately: here's Calvin and Hobbes take on selfies, and last week at Hamline, I walked in to this on the whiteboard.

And as always, check out for more funnies!

Check back this weekend and on Monday for results / photos / video from my showdown in the pool with pro triathlete Devon Palmer. I can only say 2 things right now: first, Devon sucks. Second, I swam a 100 yard PR, which resulted in a CLOSE finish! Stop back for more on that. Happy weekend!


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