The LAST "Dome Running" Ever

>> Saturday, December 28, 2013

If you've followed my blog for a while, you've seen me post about "Dome Running" every winter. The Minnesota Distance Running Association (MDRA) charges $1 for runners to run the roughly 600 meter concourse around the Metrodome as a way to get out of the cold from around Thanksgiving through March. I've done my share of speed work at the Dome over the last couple of winters.

Since the Vikings are getting a new stadium soon, the Metrodome will be demolished shortly. Thursday night was the LAST "Dome Running" ever. Pharmie, Henry, and I had to stop by for the ceremonial "last lap" at 7:55 pm.

New construction underway for the new Vikings stadium next to the Dome.

Just after I took that photo and went up to Pharmie's side, the excavator operator held the bucket up right by our heads, waved, and honked. Henry was in HEAVEN!! They had 3 excavators and a bulldozer running (all seen in that photo), and there was an endless train of semis driving down there to haul out dirt.

Devoured cake inside.

I'll miss this sign (always up at "Dome Running" to tell you how far you've gone).

Good ole' Rick Recker surrounded by lots of cameras.

Lined up for the final lap.

Some final words from Rick. Pharmie said she got a little teary.

Rick leading the final lap around the Dome.

Pharmie and Henry running the last lap!

Little dude cheated.

Lots of "last lap" runners.

Taking a ride with Daddy for the last 1/3 lap.

Trying to catch back up with everyone else around the curve.

All done.

Henry still wanted to do a little running!

Our final family photo in the Dome.

FLASHBACK: Nearly 2 years ago, here was our FIRST family photo at the Dome (from this post):

Hanging out with Mom or Dad during intervals.

Pharmie and I did intervals where our break was hanging with Henry as the other was running. It got the job done!

Then one final stop to watch the construction for a few minutes before heading home.
Henry could have stayed there all night!

RIP Dome Running. You were going strong for 31 years... let's hope you can start back up in a new stadium in a few years!


Rainmaker 5:18 PM, December 29, 2013  

Ahhh...I always enjoyed the Dome posts. :(

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