Final Thoughts for the Upcoming Gear West Duathlon

>> Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three days.

Pete and I (team "Itchy and Scratchy") will be beating Ben and Devon (team "Gold Gopher Guys") at the Gear West Duathlon in 3 days. Yeah Devon, you heard me. We. Will. Beat. You.

Wait, did I just try to look cool using a gif of Celine Dion? Well, that's how convinced I am that we'll beat Gold Gopher Guys - I can use images of Celine Dion without fear.

Pete and I like our chances. We'll have a 15:42 head start in the 4.5K run, 17.4 mile bike, and 4.5K run. That sounds like a lot, but that's based off comparing Devon's and Pete's bike splits where they raced against each other last year, and comparing Ben's and my 10K time at the Get in Gear 10K last year. Their team agreed to this difference, so don't let them convince you that they're "being kind" to us. If anything, that handicap is more fair to them because we didn't consider transitions where their team will be faster simply because Ben will be running faster.

Here's where I feel we have the advantage: Devon is a pro triathlete and Ben is an elite runner. They are always in pretty top form. Pete and I, however, are 2 slightly-better-than-average schmos who can gain a lot more fitness if/when we train specifically for it. We have farther to climb than 2 athletes who spend more time at the top. I think we've done more "climbing."

Pete and I have 1 random worry that doesn't concern Ben or Devon. But that's between Pete and I right now... I'll share if that fear came true or not in my race report next week.

To recap:

Elephant = Devon and Ben.
Soccer Ball = Gear West Duathlon.

If anyone is planning to be watching at the Gear West Duathlon on Sunday, use the hashtag #GearWestDu on twitter to keep others in the loop regarding the race! And you know that I'll be tweeting from the race. So check for updates on Sunday morning.

Trash-talk timeline:
#1: Being called out to have a race.
#2: My history at the GW Du, and realizing Pete and I are toast.
#3: Devon announces Ben Kampf as his runner.
#4: Me fighting back.
#5: Trash-talking tweets - I think I won that battle. Maybe.
#6: Announcing the "equalizer" format! Pete and I stand a chance!
#7: Devon had the nerve to show up at MY track as I was doing intervals!
#8: Finally, a brief bit of trash talk respect from Devon.
#9: Devon won his first duathlon, and then I won MY first duathlon. Here's what we had to say about that.
#10: Devon's full of lies about my teammate Pete.


Jeremy Reichenberger 8:58 AM, May 16, 2013  

Hahahah. That elephant gif kills me.

Kathy,  9:50 AM, May 21, 2013  

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