Friday Funny 515: True Facts

>> Friday, May 03, 2013

I was recently turned on to "True Facts" by my students. We started watching them as we were finishing up a work day at the end of the semester. They first showed me this one:

True Facts About Morgan Freeman

True Facts About The Naked Mole Rat

"And they look pretty much the same coming and going."

True Facts About The Dung Beetle

"I told you I'm not going to narrate footage of poop... it's just not going to happen."

True Facts About The Sea Pig

"The Sea Cucumber, however, has a fish in it's butt. Win-Win."

Finally, a student said "Oh, let's watch the 'duck' one." Little did he know that it was mainly about duck penises. Things got awkward during that class.

True Facts About The Duck


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