Friday Funny 521: Costumed Runners

>> Friday, May 17, 2013

Buzzfeed recently posted 40 of the "best worst runner costumes." Here are my favorite. (And it's great to see a lot of these from local races here in the Cities!)

A naked Jester in white face:

Fake Pregnant Fake Nuns:

“Quiky,” the Nesquik Bunny:


An Easter Bunny, posing as Usain Bolt (ugh):

A Big Mouth Billy Bass:

A Bag Lady:

“Pam Anderson:”

Mr. Clean (note eyebrows):

A “Running” Refrigerator (GET IT?):

A Cymbal-Banging Monkey:

The Dukes of Hazard:

Fred Flintstone:

American Gothic:

BFI-branded portable shitters:

A Shitting Runner:

Beer Drinking Cups:

I don’t care how much it hurt, I would get ahead of these guys, NO MATTER WHAT:

Check out for more funnies.


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