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>> Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pharmie and I have some busy weekends ahead.

Next weekend, Pharmie will be completing her 15th marathon!! She's doing the Minneapolis Marathon for the first time. It's mainly along the Mississippi River, and she'll be running within a mile from home around mile 15.5 and 23.5. So Henry and I hope to see her at those points!

Henry cheering for Mama at last year's TC Marathon (her last marathon).

Soon-to-be sister-in-law Angela, Pharmie, and Henry (stealing Mama's chips) at TC 2012.

The weekend after that, I'm doing the short-but-straight-uphill 3.5-mile Trinona Time Trial in Winona, MN. The next morning, Pharmie will be doing the Trinona Olympic Distance Triathlon! (Yep, Pharmie's doing an Oly that is known for having a MASSIVE climb on the bike just a week after a marathon.)

Henry and I before I did the Trinona Oly last year.

A photo from half way up Garvin Heights, "thee hill" at the Trinona TT and Triathlon.
Click here for a slideshow from last year's Time Trial.

On a related note, Devon posted his Gear West Duathlon relay race report on his blog yesterday. At the start, he accuses me of taking out his teammate pre-race. (My attorney has advised me not to speak on this matter right now.) At the end, he wrapped up his thoughts on our relay challenge, and then he MENTIONED SOMETHING IN THE WORKS FOR THE TRINONA TIME TRIAL!!! Here are Devon's words:

This was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a duathlon. Steve and Pete and Jon were all great sports. I hope everyone has enjoyed the drama over the past couple months. Overall I am really proud to have mentored Steve in talking trash. And by mentored I do mean schooled. I can’t announce anything yet, but Steve and I are looking to end our rivalry by working TOGETHER on something at the Trinona Time Trial in a few weeks.

Oh yeah... Devon and I might be done trash talking (for the moment), but now we've moved on to teaming up for some more fun! Details are still being worked out. Just note that some great things might be happening on a big hill in 2 weeks...

- Devon's Gear West Duathlon race report
- My Gear West Duathlon race report
- "Crowning Ceremony" after the GW Du
- Photos from Devon's Mom
- Photo Gallery from the GW Du in an Examiner article of mine

Happy weekend!


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