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>> Wednesday, May 01, 2013

If you missed my Falls Duathlon race report, make sure to check it out. My frienemy Devon actually actually paid me a complement on my report:

OK, on to some photos...

Race buddy Chad was watching a bunch of us compete at the Falls Duathlon on Saturday, and he got some great photos. Here are some of his shots:

My helmet and sexy, sexy bar wrap.

About 2 minutes before the start. I talk with my hands. A LOT.... apparently.

Moments after the start. Notice Mark (the race director) on the bullhorn up high.

Me (temporarily) in 3rd behind Chad Millner and arch-nemesis Devon Palmer.

Sean in red to the far left, Ben in the red visor, Tim in the white and blue
bulls-eye "Team Ortho" jersey, and Jake (675) next to me.

Close up.

These next 3 photos are from SkinnySki, and they show a few parts of the 1st run:

Brian building a big lead about 0.75 miles into the first run.

Behind Brian, Devon, and Chad were these 3 guys, and there I was back in 7th.

A nice shot of the runners around the first mile marker at "the falls."

Alright, back to Chad's photos:

Running into T1 with Jake on my tail.

My left ankle gets weak and "dainty" when I'm tired.

Here are 3 more photos from SkinnySki from the bike:

SWEET shot of high-school buddy Tim!

Some of the small hills that litter the bike course.

Devon leading on the way back. It's like he's playing "I got your nose" with his shifters.

In my Falls Duathlon race report, I noted deciding at the LAST MINUTE to try slipping out of my bike shoes while riding so I could run into T2 barefoot. Here's a photo of Devon (first one back to T2) with his feet out of his shoes:

Chad did it too. Anyone "fast" does it.

So I decided to try it at the last moment, and this is what I noted in my race report:

I unstrapped my foot from my left shoe and put my foot on top of the shoe. Then my foot slipped a bit and I accidentally made a pedal-stroke with my shoe hanging off the pedal. That made the shoe hit the ground and pop off and go bouncing off the road at 21 mph behind me. Everyone was yelling "SHOE, SHOE, SHOE!" I knew someone would probably get it to me (I have faith in humanity like that), and I just kept going.

Chad got photos of this whole ordeal, but he didn't get any of the shoe flying away because he was the super kind person who brought my shoe back! Thanks Chad! Here's how it went down:

Pulling out my foot.
(That really low zipper on my top doesn't look too aero...)

Right after my shoe flipped over and hung from the pedal.

Close up.

My shoe ready to FLY OFF, with Jake in front of me (doing it how
it's SUPPOSED to be done), and Tim to the far right running into T2.

Close up of my shoe grinding against the ground just split-seconds from
popping off and flying to the side of the road at 21 mph!

I caught Tim and Jake 400 feet out of transition, and then I kept picking people off. In the final half mile, I knew I was in 12th like I had finished for the last 3 years, and I was able to catch one more guy to move into 11th! Finally! Here I am just ahead of the final guy that I passed:

That's a topless Millner starting his cool down in the background.
p.s. Dear hair: stop it.

I finished to a roaring crowd. Well, that one lady was pretty loud.
(I talked with her hubby post-race. Nice family!)

Ben and Sean duking-it-out to the finish!

Just SECONDS after I had finished, Devon came running over. He looked over to a woman with a camera and said "Mom, are you ready?... OK. 1... 2... 3..." And with that he doused my face with a cup of water. His Mom timed the shot a little too soon, so you can just barely see some water starting to leave the cup:

It felt good.

Scroll down or click here for my race report. And click here to see more of Chad's photos in an Examiner article of mine.

Stop back for a giveaway tomorrow!!

p.s. Pharmie and I are racing the "Cinco DU Mayo Duathlon" this weekend. Online registration is open through today, and there's race day registration too. Last I heard, there were under 50 spots left. Sign up and race with us this weekend!!


Tap 8:13 AM, May 01, 2013  

I'll be "racing," if you can call it that. My first duathlon, on my commuter bike (someday I'll get a road bike,) which I haven't ridden since last summer. Should be interesting. :)
Long time follower, not often poster. You did answer a swimming question a long time ago for me though.
Good luck this weekend.

HairbyJenniferC 8:15 AM, May 01, 2013  

Love this! The shoe thing had me cracking up! I would have fallen off my bike trying to get my foot out of my shoe, so good job for staying on!

SteveQ 10:20 AM, May 01, 2013  

That anonymous French spam comment is hilarious! I can add nothing to that.

Steve Stenzel 10:37 AM, May 01, 2013  

SteveQ, I was just about to delete that French spam comment, but now I can't! :)

Carolina John 10:45 AM, May 01, 2013  

ah, hahahahahah oh nothing feels as good as water to the face after a hard race like that. It must be even better from a trash talking pro.

and come on man, you got to flip the shoe back up so you can push down against it to get to the dismount line. Practice it sometime, it really does come in handy. and I'd suggest pulling your foot out earlier than that anyway.

Angie Hop,  12:23 PM, May 01, 2013  

There are so many things I WISH I could say......the majority of this need to stay within my cartoon brain bubble, and when I say the majority, I mean all of them.

Anonymous,  6:31 PM, May 02, 2013  

My boss told me that people who talk with their hands are full of crap. I told her my career was based on that staying a secret between us.

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