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>> Saturday, May 04, 2013

So last weekend I had the Falls Duathlon, and today Pharmie and I are doing the "Cinco DU Mayo" Duathlon. I normally don't do much between back-to-back race weekends, and this week was really no different. The "big workout" was a nice ride on Tuesday.

SUNDAY: Henry and I went for an easy run to the store. I rarely do ANYTHING the day after a race, but my heels and butt felt OK, so a short, easy, no-effort 3 mile run helped flush them out.

Ready to run!

TUESDAY: The big workout for this past week was a hilly ride on Tuesday morning. At last weekend's Falls Duathlon, I was REALLY happy with my bike split. But I could tell that I had lost a lot of fitness on the hills. So I wanted to torture myself on Tuesday. I tried to hit most of the hills in the south-east part of St. Paul. I did a 5 mile warm up, and then rode hard for the next 13 miles or so. Here's my speed chart and the map of the middle of my ride:

A: building a LOT of speed at mile 5.
B: against the wind and uphill across the Mississippi on I-35E.
C: downhill fast to along the river.
D: gentle uphill slightly against the wind.
E: turn-around to a gentle downhill with the wind.
F: up the nasty flippin' hill from "C" to get back to 35 and to cross the river.
G: building speed on some easy downhills going into downtown St. Paul.
H: uphill across the Smith Street "high bridge."
I: down THEE Ohio Hill.
J: turn-around to head back up Ohio (seated).
K: downhill back across the Smith Street "high bridge."
L: final killer: up Ramsey Hill to get to Summit Ave and spin home.

WEDNESDAY: Finally, early on Wednesday morning I did a quick 8 mile run. I did the middle 4 at tempo pace without going TOO hard.

I didn't do squat after that workout on Wednesday morning. It's been a busy end to the week.

Pharmie and I are at the "Cinco DU Mayo" Duathlon in (rainy 35 degree weather), so check twitter for race updates and photos! Back with a full report soon! (And enter my Moji Massager giveaway if you haven't already!)


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