Winner of the New Balance Emissive Shirt

>> Monday, July 12, 2010

There were 169 comments in last week’s New Balance “NBx Emissive Long Sleeve” shirt giveaway (or as I call it, the “Anti-Stink” Shirt).

All you needed to do to enter was to leave a comment. I noted in the giveaway post that I MIGHT give extra entries to anyone with a real “witty, funny, or crazy comment.” So I had to give extra entries to these 7 following commenters (followed by my reasoning for why they got the extra entry):

I'm not eligible because of my apparent "affliction" of being Canadian. Boo urns!

Nice anti-stink shirt, though. I'd totally stretch it out but in a good way.

OK, you’re Canadian, but I’ll find a way to get it to you if you should win. And a Simpson’s reference of “Boo urns?!” Amazing.

... I may not be witty enough to earn an extra entry, but I did share my umbrella with you this weekend to keep your camera dry -- that's got to be worth something, no?

That’s TOTALLY worth an extra entry! Thanks for keeping me dry!! (Remember that I mentioned Katie in my write-up on Sarah’s half marathon.)

Oh man, I don't just want this shirt, I need it. I have to do a separate load of laundry with just my workout clothes so they don't stink up the rest of our clothes. I have to take my workout clothes straight to the laundry room because they make our bedroom stink if I leave them in the hamper. A shirt like this could be a Marriage saver.

I would love to help save your marriage. Extra entry for you, good sir.

Steve-- My boobs aren't much bigger than yours, and I want that shirt!!

I’m sorry for your tiny boobs. Here’s an extra entry to help make up for it.

Perfect! A shirt finally designed by highly disciplined engineers to match my non-disciplined lifestyle :) Thanks for the give away.

I’ve never thought of it like that. Good point. Extra entry.

I know a man (whose name isn't Stan)
Who doesn't have much running gear.

I think he'd look good in this shirt with no hood,
And keep up with his running all year.

So please count me in the contest to win
this awesome shirt for my friend.

It's after 4 and I'm starting to snore
So I think it's time to go vend.

A poem? Oh hell yes. Extra entry for you, ma’am.

Hi Steve,

If I win this shirt, I will send you a picture of me in a speedo....or of my husband in a speedy...or both, your call!! :)

Seriously, love your blog!

EXTRA ENTRY!! I can’t pass THAT up!!

So, would any of the extra entries help make them a winner?!?

I thought I’d try a new way to pick a winner. I laid out all the comments evenly on the floor like this:

(Anyone who intentionally or unintentionally left more than one comment got their extra comment crossed out. And those 7 that earned an extra entry got their name written down on another piece of paper so their name was out there 2 times [as seen in the lower right] - therefore, double the chance of winning.)

Then I grabbed a penny. I stood above the entries, stretched out my hand, closed my eyes, and dropped the penny. The first 2 “drops” went off the paper. The third landed here:

So the winner of the New Balance “Anti-Stink” shirt is Paleo Dan in Virginia Beach. Congrats Paleo Dan!! I'll shoot you an e-mail in a moment.

New giveaway coming in a few hours! Check back SOON!


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