Wednesday: A Hellava Good Training Day

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

When you can fit a swim, bike, and run into one day, it MUST be a good, hard training day.

The day started with 4 of us heading off to Square Lake. We met Denny there, and 2 others showed up as well. So we had a nice gang ready for a swim.

We headed out for about 21 minutes, and then 2 of us decided to head back. Three others cut across the lake at that point, and 2 others were still catching up. We had a few groups of swimmers all just doing their own thing. I ended up having a nice 42:00 swim, and the sun was just coming through the trees by the time I wrapped up:

Then Julia gave some "starting" tips and critiqued "starting" form:

Running in


Finally, they all went in together:

Nice high knees, Julia!

Everyone hitting the water

That evening, I did Kevin O'Connor's "Killer Duathlon Workout." It's a workout I'd done twice before. (Read about the first time here, and read about the second time here.) I had Marie with me the first time, and Matt with me the second time, but this time I was hitting the track solo. I knew that'd be a harder mental workout - it's easier to "give in" when no one else is around.

I got to the track, and there was a major middle-school lacrosse tournament going on. I would NOT be able to use the track.

Side note: Screw "soccer moms." Lacrosse moms are where it's at! Trust me!

But just off the track, near the gates to the street, there was a little "nook" where I felt like I could safely tuck my bike:

Then I figured I could run out onto the sidewalk, run up to a major intersection, run back past the track (checking on my bike) to another major intersection, and then run back to my bike. I knew that'd be just under a mile. Sure enough, after mapping it out after the workout, it was 0.92 miles.

The workout was basically 10:00 on the bike followed by a 1 mile run, and you do that 4 times. Click here to read the details of Kevin's workout.

10:01 easy spinning. Did I mention it was 88 degrees, very humid, and dead calm? I was dripping sweat everywhere in no time.
0:10 transition.
5:59 0.92 mile run.
0:16 transition.

9:29 of intervals on the bike (0:30 hard, 0:30 easy).
0:16 transition.
5:58 0.92 mile run.
0:19 transition.

9:28 of intervals on the bike (0:30 hard, 0:30 easy).
0:11 transition.
5:55 0.92 mile run.
0:19 transition.

9:33 of intervals on the bike (0:30 hard, 0:30 easy).
0:12 transition.
5:57 0.92 mile run.

1:04:10 total workout time.

I had been using my shirt as a towel for my sweaty face, so I had kept it balled up in my aero bars:

I had COMPLETELY sweat through it! It was 100% soaked with Steve juice:

Well, I threw on that wet / heavy shirt, grabbed one last photo, and got packed up to go home:

What a great training day! Now, it's off to Chisago City for Matt's first triathlon tomorrow!!! Wish him luck!


Lou,  3:29 PM, July 24, 2010  

Good luck and kick butt! Have fun too!

The Triathlon Rx 1:42 PM, July 25, 2010  

That du workout sounds awesome!!! I am thinking about getting a bike trainer. Well, no. Not "thinking". I know I want one. I just need to have the $$! But I am *thinking* about using it out on the back porch in winter. Do you think that would be OK, or would the cold temps mess it up?

I've GOT TO get out to Square Lake to swim this summer! It's the perfect OWS lake. Swimming buoys in my back yard just isn't cutting it...

Borsch 6:34 PM, July 25, 2010  

Wow. That sounds like a painful day! Great job!

CoachLiz 10:31 PM, July 26, 2010  

Julia looks COLD in those first photos.

You are cracking me up about the lacrosse moms.

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