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>> Saturday, July 03, 2010

I wanted this post to be an update on the last 3 weeks of workouts since the Liberty Olympic Distance Triathlon. But I’ve really only been lifting weights, doing core work, and hitting the pool. Lots of swimming.

I noted about 2 weeks ago that I hurt something in my foot at Liberty. I didn’t feel anything during the race, but the next morning my foot HURT like a mother. I thought it was pain on the bottom of my foot just in front of the heel, but when I went poking around, the pain was actually on top of my foot. It would just SEEM to hurt on the bottom from being on my feet all day. Here’s where the pain was:

(You can also see how nicely my leg hair has been growing over the last 3 weeks...)

I was in a little pain. Some days, I couldn’t walk without a limp. I wasn’t going to die - it just sucked. So I did the right thing and took some time off. That can be hard for me to do.

Sunday June 13 - Saturday June 19: A total of 2 trips to the Y to lift and do core, and then some camping with the in-laws. Just took it easy. But I was in a lot of pain this week.

Sunday June 20 - Saturday June 26: This was a week of “forced rest.” I taught a class on Stout’s Island in central WI. It’s a 13 acre Island that contains a number of cabins and a great lodge. On the island, I taught a digital photo class to 10 adults for the week. It was a BLAST, and everyone had great feedback on the course.

I was much busier with the class than I thought I’d be, so I didn’t have time to take many photos myself. Here are a few that I got during my time on Stout’s Island (where I learned that I have a “thing” for Adirondack chairs):

Swimming area

At the end of the dock at the boathouse

Playing with an f/1.4 prime lens (if you know what that means, we can be friends)

Bell-tower at the lodge

The lodge on Stout’s Island

A 30 second exposure one night just after a storm

My students and I around the fire pit on our last night (I’m the 4th from the left)

My students and I at the boathouse waiting to catch the ferry back to the mainland

So, let’s see... I was “stuck” on an island with a sore foot. What could I do? Oh, I don’t know. How about go for a swim! The lake was pretty clear and VERY nice. Here’s a shot of a bunch of sunfish hanging out under the dock at the boathouse:

So one morning, I got up before class and went for 2 laps from the island to the nearby shore:

And the next evening, I went for a quick lap after class. It’s rare I go for an open water swim as the sun is setting, and it was kinda nice. This was my first wetsuit-free open water swim all year, so I celebrated post-swim with a few cannonballs in the peaceful lake:

The day after I got back home, Pharmie and I took Matt for his first open water swim. I posted these 2 photos last weekend:

Pharmie and Matt heading to shore

Pharmie and Matt chatting for a moment before heading back out for a little more

I’m happy to report that Matt learned a lot in that first OW experience, and he’s ALREADY really improved his swim endurance!! He’ll be SO ready for his first triathlon in a few weeks!!

And at the end of that week, I went for an EASY 3 mile run with Pharmie just to test my foot. It was just a LITTLE achy the next morning, but it felt good. I told myself, “OK, you’ve got no big race planned in the near future, so do the right thing and just take another week off to get this foot healed up.” So that’s what I did.

Sunday June 27 - Saturday July 3: A couple of swims, and some good upper body / core work.

- Monday: 1800 yards in 28:35 (1:35.29 / 100), and then some kick drills after.
- Tuesday: short run with Pharmie, and good upper body / core workout.
- Wednesday: 3000 yard OWS at Square Lake with the gang.
- Thursday: great core workout.
- Friday: 3 x 500 in the pool (7:41 / 500 average), some kick drills, and good upper body workout.
- Saturday (today): nothing. Day off. Yay!

Wednesday, at Sqaure Lake, Steve H was zipping up my wetsuit. He zipped a little too far and the zipper popped open. But he didn’t ruin it; he just taught me that I had a quick-release zipper! I NEVER knew that!! I’ve had that wetsuit for 3 years and have done 8 triathlons in it (from Olys, to Halfs, to full IMs), and I NEVER knew I had a quick-release! Everyone at Square teased me. ;)

Here are 2 photos I took after we had just finished up our 54:00 lap around the lake:

Julia, Steve H, Dan, and Steve T.

Steve H, Julia, me, Steve T, and Dan

Tomorrow I’ll be out cheering at the “Red, White, and Boom Half Marathon” in Minneapolis. Pharmie is racing it!!

Next week I’ll try running / biking again. Don’t worry - I’ll ease into it so I don’t hurt something else. I think my foot is ready.

Monday, I’ll announce the winner of the “Foxy Moxie / Ryde for Real” giveaway. If you haven’t entered, you still have about 12 hours! Scroll down 3 posts or click here and leave a comment.

And on Tuesday, I’ll have a NEW giveaway!! So check back soon! Happy weekend!!


KJ 1:47 PM, July 03, 2010  

I know what an f/1.4 prime lens is!! YAY, we can be friends!

Dr. TriRunner 10:07 PM, July 03, 2010  

Clearly you and Pharmie need to come visit at the Tin Fish and sit in OUR adirondacks.

Question for you: do you go to the YM or the YW? I was a member at the YWCA since I was about 3, but now I'm at Lifetime. I've been thinking about rejoining the YWCA because they have such a nice masters swim program & pool...

Good luck to Pharmie tomorrow!

Cap'n Tan Lines 12:41 AM, July 04, 2010  

Careful with that foot. I had the exact same problem on my left foot - hurt like bugger, especially in the morning, but somehow felt better when walking on my tip-toes. Ended up being tendinitis in the two tendons that run from the pinky toe up the leg. No running for almost 3 weeks. Blech.
Oh. And I also know what an F/1.4 prime lens is. So, um...Score!

Bill 3:26 AM, July 04, 2010  

Thanks for answering the question on that pic - I was wondering which lens.

The 1.4's are certainly nice. I had the luck of putting my hands on a 50/1.0 in Tokyo a few years back. Incredible. But I couldn't justify the ~$7.5K price tag.

Time off here too. Managed to roll my foot on one of those mini-drink bottles on our last run in Va this week. At least I'm back in Germany and can soak it in German beer.

RunningLaur 10:17 AM, July 04, 2010  

I have a slight obsession with Adirondacks as well, even though I know they would look wonderfully out of place in the middle of the desert.

Do you have a smaller camera that you do most of your 'in workout' photos with? While I'm not quite in the market for an upgrade, it'd be great to know how to steer people for, oh say, Christmas shopping.

Michael,  2:55 PM, July 04, 2010  

:) We just got back from a trip to Canada and I discovered that I also have a 'thing' for Adirondacks. Now I've asked for 2 for my birthday in 2 weeks. Can't wait :)

Average A 4:14 PM, July 04, 2010  

Ack! I missed you at the RW&B this morning, but I heard rumors you were there. :) Was really hoping to get a second sweaty race pic with you. Hope your wife did well -- it was a tough day for a race!

amybee 12:43 PM, July 05, 2010  

The photos are wonderful Steve. (sorry about the foot too, but...WOW! the photos!)

sRod 9:12 AM, July 10, 2010  

Funny, my butt has a thing for sitting in Adirondack chairs.

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