Goldilocks Gets A Makeover

>> Saturday, July 17, 2010

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Early this spring, I tipped over on Goldilocks. I had a bag full of stuff over my shoulder, and I was trying to carry a bike trainer on my handlebars. (I was headed to the track to do Kevin O’Connor’s Duathlon Workout.) When I tipped over on my bike with all the crap, I was standing still, so I didn’t hurt anything except for tearing some of the fat-wrap on my bike:

And on the other side of my bike, the fat-wrap was starting to spread out:

So I got to work. It was time to re-wrap my bars:

Unraveling my old wrap.

One bar re-wrapped.

The mess in my basement.

Both sides done, aero bars replaced.

Yes, I put a sea foam green fat wrap on my gold bike. Clash-tastic. What do you think of the new look? I’ll be easier to spot now...

Those are new aero bars too. My old one’s were ruined by Erik’s Bike Shop a local bike store I don’t care for anymore when they tightened them too much and cracked the carbon-fiber bars. Then they were really crabby when I took it back in to them. BUT, they replaced them with new, slightly nicer bars for free. The only issue was that when I spread them out as far as they could go on my headset, the fore-arm pads were just over 1.5 inches apart (as you can see in that last photo above). UNCOMFORTABLE! And hard to steer, too.

They put in some spacers so they could pull the bars farther apart. So now, Goldilocks looks like this:

After a hilly 26+ mile ride last night.

First open water swim race tomorrow!! I’ll be back with a report on Monday! (And Pharmie’s coming to take photos, so I should have a few good shots.) And another giveaway on Tuesday! Happy weekend!!


gene 11:49 AM, July 17, 2010  

i would say that you can turn in your Man Card for using turquoise wrap, but then I would have to turn in mine for knowing turquoise. nice wrap job. mind if i use one of those pics for 'funny photo friday' next week?

Steve Stenzel 12:05 PM, July 17, 2010  

With all of the things I've done, I think I've turned in my man card years ago... ;)

And yes, use the images!!

amybee 6:43 PM, July 17, 2010  

that really is Clashtastic! Maybe there is a Clash song you can assoicate with the bike too!

GoBigGreen 1:17 PM, July 18, 2010  

I like the blue! You did great today Steve:) Your swimming is really really improving!

KatieTri's 9:15 PM, July 18, 2010  

Eww....I will send you black bar tape if it means you remove the turquoise....

CoachLiz 7:00 AM, July 19, 2010  

Hey! Your bottle matches your handlebars. That's getting to be a bit too matchy-matchy. Now you should just go ahead and change all your cable housings to pink or green.

Nelson 2:26 PM, July 20, 2010  

OK, a dork question now, what did you do to get the shading on the last pic? Is that done in PS or do you have some sort of magic camera trickery?

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