Friday Funny 103: Nine Deadly Words Used By A Woman

>> Friday, July 23, 2010

This might get me in trouble... but it IS pretty true funny:

I’m not trying to be offensive. I hope nobody takes this too personally. It’s NOT the kind of relationship I’m in! Really! ;)

And if you’re looking for something else that’s funny, scroll to my post that is 2 posts down to see the “Anti Monkey Butt Videos,” and enter yourself in the Anti Monkey Butt giveaway!

Happy Friday!!


Maria 7:26 AM, July 23, 2010  

Just a side note...this applies to the lesbian community as well, and sometimes it's twice as bad because there are TWO women involved.
Although in my case, I'm more like the man and really don't understand the double meaning, when I hear 'go ahead' I go ahead...and then pay for it later!

This is great! Hope it didn't get you into too much trouble! :)

cdnhollywood 7:37 AM, July 23, 2010  

It's funny 'cause it's true.

Julie 7:52 AM, July 23, 2010  

Yep, to every single one of these:) This was so funny and if my hubby were to read this he would be nodding his head to agree:)

Have a great weekend Steve!

JenC 8:00 AM, July 23, 2010  

I have found myself saying these phrases often in the last few months since my baby was born. I didn't know it was a widespread woman thing though until now! : )

Matty O 8:04 AM, July 23, 2010  

Love it.

Story of my life right there.

Unknown 8:10 AM, July 23, 2010  

Dude, heard all of them and I thought it was just something that goes on in my house only...

Kat 8:14 AM, July 23, 2010  

So true....*shaking head* true.

Christi 8:34 AM, July 23, 2010  

I think it is funny and I have used some of these words on occasion. :)

jess 9:15 AM, July 23, 2010  

This is so hilarious, I laughed at every single one as I thought about a time I did one of them in my life! We, woman, have used one or more in our life time :)
Good stuff Steve!

B. Kramer 9:19 AM, July 23, 2010  

Funny, but important lessons to learn. Cheers!

Sixteen Chickens 10:18 AM, July 23, 2010  

I would just like to add "What?" What, when phrased as a question is the short version of "What are you looking at? If you'd done what I asked you to do I wouldn't be struggling with doing it myself." It's best to just look the other way when she says "what" or better yet, walk the other way.

Regina 10:20 AM, July 23, 2010  

Guilty of all of them except #2. In our house it is my husband who promises 5 minutes and shows up half an hour later.

n/a 10:39 AM, July 23, 2010  

Hilarious because it's true!

Steve Stenzel 1:28 PM, July 23, 2010  

Ha! Thanks libgyrl - you sound like my wife... ;)

p.s. I though of you during my du workout at the track 2 days ago. It SUCKED!

Char 2:15 PM, July 23, 2010  

True, true true ... and funny.

Sage 6:19 PM, July 23, 2010  

I know them all, yet I still get burned by them on a regular basis.

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