Bike Crash Update: $500+ Later

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A month ago, a cyclist hit me as I was biking. It was clearly his fault as he ran a stop sign, was going the wrong way down the road, and turned left where there were 2 signs there saying that was illegal. (Click the link for more details.)

Well, it all got resolved 2 weeks ago. At first, the other cyclist would take a long time returning each of my texts, and I was getting a bit worried. I kept thinking "well, my Garmin can sort of 'prove' that I wasn't at fault, but I hope I don't need to force the issue with this guy." But everything worked out well. Here's the update:

Here were the 2 pics in the post:

Finger wound that happened before mile 1.5 of a 30 mile ride because of my broken/cracked
shifters. Glad I went for a test ride before saying the shifters didn't need to be replaced.

Newly fixed up bike in the lot of the bike shop!

I sent a text to Bob (the guy who hit me) the next day. Here's how this all wrapped up:

Posted this on FB saying "Bob’s a stand up guy. Final interaction just now."

That could have been much worse, as I make dozens of dollars a year teaching part time, and I don't have $500 floating around to fix up my bike. I've been on the trainer a few times since it's been back, but it hasn't been out on the road yet. I'm not sure it shifts like it used to (may need a few adjustments), but it seems to be in good working order.


Jamey the Destroyer,  9:39 AM, October 16, 2018  

This sort of thing is why I've always got a camera running and one hand on my U Lock just in case I gotta mess someone or something up.

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