Friday Funny 1502: Poorly Designed Bars

>> Friday, October 05, 2018

People go to bars to drink. Sometimes too much. So then WHY would any of these things be considered a good idea when dealing with partially inebriated people?

Wacky bathroom. How much pee will actually end up IN the toilet?

"Ponghole" sounds fun. I'd try that.

Drunk people throwing sharp objects just below a flatscreen TV. What could go wrong?

Yes, it's "peep," but it looks like "poop." But come on... "peep" is a horribly creepy name for a bar anyway.

Who did this?

This is a mirror. A very very unhelpful mirror.

This is a fun intentional way to mess with drunk men trying to pee.

A bathroom in a bar in New Delhi. Should you USE the sink? NOT use it? I can't tell.

Drinking from a measuring cup. So you know exactly how much you're about to consume.

Two urinals. No dividers. Dark hallway. That’s how all the best fan fiction starts.

"OMG" looks like "GMO" from the inside.

If a person needs to badly pee, they don't have time to figure this out.
They're just going to bust into one and pee.

Quickly - what's the name of this bar? I first saw KTHE UUU LRST. I don't think that's right.

Again, don't expect drunks to decipher this quickly/properly.

I love to gaze deep into the eyes of the stranger pissing next to me. Sweet.

A single sheet dispenser. And that’s how we know the end of the world is near.

Let's hang this lightbulb right in front of this TV.

These are so close, a drunk guy could get them mixed up. I'm not touching anything in this bathroom.

Why bother with a stall door at this point?

Again with the convoluted, possibly sexist, and
downright confusing bathroom markers. I'm peeing in the hall.

Mom's have lots of power... even if you're a middle-aged bar owner.

The "take out cocktail." Just stop.

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SteveQ 12:30 PM, October 05, 2018  

I used to frequent a pizza place in Indiana that had a restroom so small that my 6'4" friend, if he sat on the toilet, could not close the door because his knees stuck out (not out of a stall - out of the restroom) and so someone had to stand guard.

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