Sept Training: Ramping Up for the TC 10 Mile

>> Thursday, October 04, 2018

September’s training looks nicely consistent, with only the 15th and 17th being without a swim, bike, or run because of resting up before and after the One Last Tri on the 16th:

Showing the build back up.

There’s 2 things worth noting regarding that last graph:

First, September shows nearly as much overall distance as June. June was so high because it was the only month (since February) that did NOT have a race, so I didn’t have to take it easy leading up to and just after a race. In September, I started by taking it easy after an injury scare after the Maple Grove Triathlon in late August. And then I raced the One Last Tri mid-September. And my distances were nearly as great as race-less June.

And second, my individual totals have my best distances in 2 out of 3 categories for 2018. Farthest swim of the year (beating April by 100 yards), farthest bike of the year (once figuring in trainer time as well: June had around 210 miles counting a trainer ride, and Sept had over 220 miles counting close to 3 hours on the trainer), and my second farthest run of the year (behind race-less June).

I noted I was pushing the distances wherever I could to work on my endurance for this weekend’s TC 10 Mile. I'm feeling pretty good, and thinking (HOPING) I can be on the lower end of the scale of finishing times that I gave in that last link: hopefully around 1:02 or MAYBE just under. But I'm not too caught up in racing a certain time/pace. I might post more pre-race thoughts on Saturday, but this will just be a fun "let's go out and suffer and see what happens" sort of a race!


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