TC Marathon Photos from Mile 19

>> Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I shared some of Evan's photos from mile 3 of the TC 10 Mile last week, and here are two dozen that he took from around mile 19.5 of the marathon a bit later that day (from this album of Evan's that contains over 3000 photos!):

Smiley bearded fast guy (2:36 finish!).

The talk of the marathon was this 15-year-old who was
the 6th overall female in 2:40! Remember the name Tierney Wolfgram.

Speedy Sean.

I can't explain this photo. This guy is in the middle of the marathon runners, but he's a
10 miler who ran a 1:17. Did he just start 2-3 hours late? Why's he texting and running?

Angie (2:59) who I met during last year's half marathon
(as she was able to OUTRIGHT win the 10K at that race).

Teammate Jamie rocked it with a 2:59!

The Flash.

It took me a while to figure this one out (it's a horse or unicorn).

A rubber ducky man.


I don't know what's going on with this guy's nipples...

... but Evan got a ton of photos of whatever's happening here.

Lots of "Still Kickin" shirts (designed by and sort of a memorial
to my college buddy Aaron who died of a brain tumor).

That's gotta lead to some odd chafing.

Awww!! He lost his running buddy. :(

I saw these guys in matching Chewie shirts. Nice.

This guy smells like a triathlete.

GINA! Your skirt is related to my "Pinky and the Brain" shorts!
(Totally the same pattern.)

The guy finished around my wife.

This Santa doesn't look 100% trustworthy.

These guys finished behind my wife and I didn't see them: Captain America and Thor! Nice.

Over Evan's 3000 photos, there weren't any of my wife and running/training partner Haley. Dang. I kept checking bib numbers and times, and sure enough, she wasn't in there. Shoot.

These 2 are happy!


Being I was raised in southern MN, I'm legally
obligated to hate on Iowa. But this is a pretty great shirt.

This Dad looks like he's having a rough time.

Camo with neon socks. Do you want to be seen or not? Figure it out!

Here's Evan's album of 3000+ marathon photos, here's some of Evan's photos from the 10 mile that I posted last week, and here's my TC 10 Mile race report if you missed it!


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