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>> Saturday, October 20, 2018

It's been a busy few days. And today I'm deeply trimming my hedges (not a euphemism) because they've gotten a bit too far into the alley and the city came a-calling. So here's a quick post with 3 recent Instagram pics of mine:

"Such a beautiful January drive to Mankato this morning. ON OCTOBER FREAKIN FOURTEENTH."

"Green tomato pie: proof anything is edible (TASTY even) if you add enough sugar."
(Sidenote: one of my few memories of my Great-Grandma is her tricking us telling
me and my sister that we were eating apple pie when it was really green tomato.)

"The boys had a fun morning with their cousins, Auntie, and Grandma
at Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store and and the Scarecrow Festival."

Charlie LOVEs that huge Hulkbuster at the candy store! Back with some training updates and an upcoming race soon. Happy weekend!


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