Photos from the Finish of the TC 10 Mile

>> Saturday, October 27, 2018

Race buddy Tom R has 2 albums on Facebook from right before the finish line of the TC 10 Mile. (Found here and here.) They only go through about 1:30 finishers, so I didn't find any of my family in them. (My sis-in-law Angela broke 1:30, but I didn't see her in any of these.) Anyway, here are some I'd like to share:

The leaders coming down. Kipchirchir ran nearly even splits (23:14 and 23:18) to finish in 46:32!

Making 10 consecutive 4:40 miles look like a walk in the park.

The women's race was TIGHT. That's Molly Huddle barely in front of Sara Hall.

Sara closing the gap...

... and Sara about to tale the win just 0:01 ahead of Molly! 52:47 winning time.

Some "slow" guys coming in about 47:20. Sweet flat top on 20005!

Hall celebrating her win at the USA Women's 10 Mile Championship!

Kipchirchir celebrating his win!

BTW, there was a "handicap" to this race where they let the women start X minutes early. The overall men's winner and the overall women's winner won lots of money, but the FIRST person to the line based on the handicap start also won a bit more. These photos were in chronological order, so it was Kipchirchir who won the "handicapped start" race as well.

On to us "normies:"

Some speedy regular folk coming to the line (around 55:00 finishing times).

Former student Jeremy was NOT super photogenic for once! Still an incredible 57:11 finish!

I pointed out this woman in this post noting that she was relatively unassumingly fit looking.
She was the first female (not in the USA Championship race) and finished in 59:26!

Then some of me as I showed in my race report. I showed these first 2...

And here's a new one of me running off the edge of the image looking PAINED.

Runners still kind of spaced out behind me.

The 2 Mill City women I noted ran the race
as I finally passed them around mile 7-8.

Coming down under the big flag over the course near the Cathedral. LOVE this last 1/2 mile!

That 11-year-old back there ran a 1:06!

Teammate Tim!

Wife friend's hubby Jared in the middle.

Multisport buddy Thad in the B&W Gear West coat.

Casey on the far right, and Tom next to her (who uploaded all these pics). Thanks Tom!

Thea in the blue shorts.

An awesomely muscly quad on the right.

Jen L who I bumped into at the running store a few months back!

This guy had a battle cry! Or his body was giving out.

Teammate Gabe in the gray (behind Fox9 anchor Kelcey Carlson with a

A barefoot 10 miler.

J Matt brought back the suit for this year's 10 Mile. He's done this in the past!...

J Matt finishing the MARATHON in a suit a few years back! (As seen in this post in 2012.)

An awesome wheelchair race!

A final view of the race course filling up around 1:30 finishers.

Again, Tom's 2 albums are here and here if you want to take a look for yourself. Here's my race report if you missed it, and here are lots of photos from mile 3 from race buddy Evan.

Well, I just got back from a 10K with the family, and I hope to have a race report up soon! Check back. HAPPY WEEKEND!!


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