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>> Wednesday, April 30, 2014

As I noted last week, our Governor passed a proclamation that April 25, 2014 was "Finisher Shirt Friday." Here's the official proclamation that Twin Cities in Motion sent out:

I had to bite. So I wore 14 different finishers shirts last Friday. Here's what I posted:

Kicking off @twincitiesinmotion #FinisherShirtFriday by remembering my amazing trip to Israel.

Rockin my Chisago Tri shirt for my morning workout. #FinisherShirtFriday

Post-workout shirt for #FinisherShirtFriday - remembering my 59:05 @twincitiesinmotion 10 Mile.
(Race report HERE.)

Working in the garage on my Pine Line 13.1 sweatshirt. #FinisherShirtFriday

#FinisherShirtFriday Sporting my Winter BeGone Du shirt while building Henry a sandbox (see background). Maybe this race only existed for 3 years because the shirts sucked so hard. #JustATheory

Reading stories with Henry in my Liberty Tri shirt for #FinisherShirtFriday.
Set my 2:15 Oly PR at this race!
(Race report HERE.)

The best race shirt ever. #BeerMile #FinisherShirtFriday
(Race report HERE.)

My first triathlon ever. These 8 years have flown by! #Boob #FinisherShirtFriday

More good race memories: finished 3rd overall in 2012 while pushing Henry! #FinisherShirtFriday
(Race report HERE.)

While TECHNICALLY not a race shirt for #FinisherShirtFriday, this zip-up is something I'm
pretty proud of. Got this for completing (and winning!) the 2012 "Grand Prix" series of races in MN.

Another special shirt for #FinisherShirtFriday: my first duathlon win last year.
(Race report HERE.)

Another #FinisherShirtFriday from the epic @Trinona Time Trial last year
(while working in the garden behind the garage).

#FinisherShirtFriday One of my uglier ones, but my first multisport race ever, so it's special to me.

My FINAL post for #FinisherShirtFriday - my proudest race accomplishment.

I know that last one said "final," but I had one more I had to post before going to bed:

One last #FinisherShirtFriday - my pregnant wife claimed my @Trinona zip-up
as her own many months ago. Baby boy #2 fits in there well... :)

Sorry to anyone following me on Instagram or Twitter on Friday... I kinda went nuts with the #FinisherShirtFriday tag...

I actually used #FinisherShirtFriday to sort some shirts in my drawer. I found 53 finisher shirts. Many were thrown away (or turned into rags) about 2 years ago, and a bunch were cut up and set aside for t-shirt quilts. But I still have 53 in circulation:

Covering our queen size bed.

Finally, on Monday night, I got this tweet:

TC in Motion told me it was totally a random pick (they use random.org just like I do for giveaways). The funny part is that they commented on a #FinisherShirtFriday photo of mine early in the day on Friday, and I commented back with "And unrelated, I know #FinisherShirtFriday isn't a contest... but I'm totally trying to "win." Ha!" Well, I DID win something. Awesome. Thanks TC in Motion! See you at the "Looney Challenge" this October!


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