My Bright Shorts in a Duathlon Ad

>> Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gear West Bike and Tri recently started posting about their upcoming duathlon on their Facebook page. Here are 4 of their posts, and then one that I'm in.

First, some lovely female friends wearing local gang colors:

Random side note: Kortney (right) first turned Pharmie and I on to quinoa when she
stopped by with a delicious chicken/quinoa dish just a week after Henry was born.
She's speedy too. (So are Ann and Julia!)

They CLAIM this is the "bike course of the first recorded Gear West Duathlon, circa early 1900's."

Overly photogenic Jeremy (left) being his overly photogenic self while floating and racing.
(He's looked good racing for 2 years now: remember when he set a half marathon PR
and looked flawless while doing it

Everyone loves Jared. And even more so when he's dressed as the Easter Bunny.

Yep. Pete and I (Team "Itchy and Scratchy") appeared with the label "NO DRESS CODE!" Nice.

Slightly bigger version of our bright, sexy shorts from the 2013 GW Du.

With the current state of my ankle, it looks like I won't be back this year. Maybe I'll make it out to cheer.


GoBigGreen 4:18 PM, May 01, 2014  

I missed that one of Jard, that is awesome:) Hope you are healing up Steve! And that Pharmie is hanging in there!!

Viator 1:15 PM, May 02, 2014  

Have you considered marketing a line of shorts? Time to break free of the black and red Lycra--and you might be just the guy to lead the charge : )
By the way, how did you come to know Jeremy? He's a former student of mine, and a thoroughly decent person, as well as an annoyingly speedy one.

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