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>> Saturday, March 22, 2014

After last weekend's indoor triathlon at the YWCA in Minneapolis, a few of the trainers have found me to say "hi." Apparently my race report made the rounds. They want me to race their final indoor triathlon of the year on April 27th so they can post my race report to Minnesota Tri News! Cool.

Pharmie would maybe do it too, but she'll be quite pregnant. QUITE. She'll be due with boy fetus #2 about 2 weeks later. But remember, she "raced" when she was less than 1 week from her due date with Henry. ("RACED" has obvious quotes around it.) Here's a snapshot from the summer of 2011:

Pregnant Abbe and pregnant Pharmie at the Grand Ole Day 5K. Click here for their "race" report.

(She ran a few miles the morning that her water broke, so she was working out g-e-n-t-l-y up to the end.)

Pharmie teased me and reminded me that I don't have good luck racing around her due date. Take for example my 2011 Liberty Triathlon race report - the race report contains no racing and lots of fresh baby pics as Pharmie's water broke about 8 hours before the race. She's hoping to go a little early with boy fetus #2, but I don't think she'll be going 2 weeks early.

ANYWAY, the big question now is this: do I race the same MINI Sprint distance (400 yd swim, 8 mile bike, 1 mile run) and try to better my time? Or do I race one of the longer distances? (The Sprint is a 500 yd swim, 10 mile bike, and 2 mile run, and the MEGA Sprint is a 600 yd swim, 12 mile bike, 5K run.) It's good to have a goal, so it'd be fun to try to do better in the MINI Sprint, but being multisport season is just around the corner, I would get more out of doing the Sprint or MEGA Sprint. But do I really want to finish a race with 25 laps of running on an indoor track? That sounds brutal. BUT I'd be a good test for my injury. I dunno.

Anyone want to race on April 27? We could pick a race and duke it out!

p.s. In the meantime, I really need to set up my bike on the trainer. That 2nd study I posted about on Thursday makes me want to get back to biking. Click that link to check it out. Happy weekend!


JP 10:07 AM, March 24, 2014  

are there enough waves to do both races?

Chad Aaron Sayban 12:48 PM, March 24, 2014  

When in doubt, pick the one in the middle.

Steve Stenzel 6:53 AM, March 26, 2014  

JP, there totally would be!! But I'm not going to do that… YOU should. :)

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