Friday Funny 686: 14 Awesome Roommate Notes

>> Friday, March 14, 2014

HappyPlace shared a few more awesome / insane / hilarious notes left by a roommate:

How many ways are there to use a plunger, Kevin?

I bet this guy is high maintenance. (Click here to enlarge.)

If a sock means "sex," I don't want to know what this is for.

This message is probably more for the guys.

Smart Water for a smart ass.

How a true butthole pays his rent.

Given a choice, I'd rather eat pizza that the cats nibbled on.

If these get eaten it's time for a new roommate.

Um...are there drugs in it?

They don't.

Also, boyfriends are like dirty clothes; don't leave yours on the floor.

Pretty cheap for either.

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Gand Almonor 4:49 PM, March 14, 2014  

I love the $20 bill for hookers! Sounds like every roommate that I've had for the past 4 years. I think I'll try the banana trick for ALL my food from now on!

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