Friday Funny 685: If We Acted Like Cats (and funny links)

>> Friday, March 07, 2014

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To get you ready for the weekend, here are some funny posts from my tumblr page from the last 2 weeks:

Athletic-related funny things:

This is either really dumb or really stupid.

And on the 7th day...


Dirty biker chicks.


[GIF] When you start swimming again after a break.


First time at yoga.

[GIF] The world's lowest backflip.

A horrible running realization.

Good descriptions for ski slope difficulty.

Canadian high jump.

Runner's highs and lows.

Olympic pothead?

How running works.

Non-athletic funny things:

Well, of course it won't.

Dwight says to NOT shoot for the moon.

Birth control.

Don't smoke.

[GIF] This is weird.

It looks embarrassing at first, but it's not.

I updated my New Year's Resolutions.

A dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty t-shirt.

Jimmy Johns has a sense of humor.

Mortal Combat / sex humor.


I want to be on a plane and hear this.

My mom.

I miss Boy Meets World.

[GIF] Wacky twerking inflatable tube girl.

Don't put anti-drug messages on a pencil.

[GIFs] Proof that pole-work takes strength.

A great coffee mug.

Another great coffee mug. This one might be better.

Family Guy on marriage.

Coke vs Water.

Times that stomach sound happens.

Such a romantic cookie.

Speaking of romance, here's a super romantic card.


Guns N' Roses and asparagus. What's not to love? Oh yeah... asparagus.

Men are like Coke.

And as always, stop by for funnies all week long.


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