The Results Are In: I Won!

>> Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The results are in for Sunday's Indoor Triathlon. Of the 17 people in the shortest race (400 yd swim, 8 mile spin, 1 mile run), I finished 1st and Pharmie finished 10th:

In my race report from Monday, I noted "I'm pretty sure I'll have the fastest run, and I'm 90% sure I probably won - we saw a speedy woman in the wave after Pharmie's that I'm a little worried about." Well, that woman finished in 2nd place with a SWIM and a BIKE that was faster than me, so I had right to be concerned! But my 5:23 run was too speedy. Thankfully. (And yes, I came in first in a race of 2 guys and 15 women, with the average female age being over 45 years old. I'm a hot shot. Let me have this.)

Here's the 17 of us ranked by SWIM time:

Me 4th and Pharmie 8th - that's pretty close together! I went nearly "all out"
to come in 4th, and I watched that speedy 15 year old who was in Pharmie's wave.

Here we are ranked by our BIKE split:

In 4th again, with Pharmie in 16th. I didn't go nuts here.

And here we are all ranked by our RUN times:

Fastest run with Pharmie in 9th.

Race director Nicole ran into me at the gym on Monday, and she said it was funny looking at the results by run speed. She said something like "It's you... and then a big gap... and then a lot of other people."

TRIATHLON: Where it feels good to be a "runner" (and pass everyone on their way to the finish), but where it's super depressing to be a "swimmer" (and spend the last 80% of the race being passed).

They also ranked all 65 racers (from the MINI Sprint, the Sprint, and the MEGA Sprint races) in order of their transition times:

- In T1 I was tied for 3rd at 1:07 (behind a relay and a speedy 0:42 transitioner)
- In T2 I was tied for 1st at 0:01. Not much room for improvement there.

Pharmie had the 3rd slowest T2 time, and a photo shown in Monday's race report kinda shows why:

It's a bit of work getting shoes on around a pregnant belly.
Especially while someone steals the rest of your water.

There's 1 more indoor triathlon coming up next month, and I'm considering trying one of the longer races. We'll see. CLICK HERE for my race report (with a ton of photos) from Monday.


Sarah 10:54 AM, March 19, 2014  

Nice job to you both! Awesome!


P.S. I had NO idea Pharmie's name was actually Sarah?!?!?!

Melissa @ Faster In Water 10:07 AM, March 25, 2014  

Yes, that is how the triathlon is as a swimmer! But I prefer it that way because I am so slow in the bike and the swim that I may come in last place if we are looking at times, but I am rarely the last person to cross the finish line, which holds some sort of dignity in there! :)

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