Friday Funny 697: The Best/Worst of Yahoo Answers

>> Friday, March 28, 2014

Dear Baby Jesus, I hope some of these are fake. In the off chance that many are real, I've offered my answers below the images.

You must eat a lot of potatoes.

It actually takes 7-10 business days for them to upload the video.
Stand outside all day Sunday, and start checking Google next weekend.

I actually don't know. I know there's THIS pill if you're looking for the opposite effect.

It won't happen until you've had your first child.

Dang. You've got a vampire baby.

Why do you think they have a maple leaf on their flag? (They wipe with it, obviously.)

I have no response.


In Hosea 7:8, it says "Ephraim, he mixes himself among the nations. Ephraim is a pancake
not turned over."
So... I think you're safe. (I have no idea what this is telling me.)

They have a complicated phone tree system that I always get stuck in. Just keep trying.

See lots more "funnies" on Happy weekend!!


Melissa Christensen 5:36 PM, March 30, 2014  

That youtube one reminds me of "the Office" when Michael Scott tried to get the people from youtube to come down and film something!!!!!

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