Friday Funny 688: The Worst Moose Knuckles at the Winter Olympics

>> Friday, March 14, 2014

There was a recent list of the worst moose knuckles at the Olympics. Here's my top 10:

#1: Zbigniew Brodka of Poland

Resembles: A chipmunk stuck underneath a pool cover.

#2: Aleksandr Rumyantsev of Russia

Resembles: A Ken doll.

#3: Sven Kramer

Resembles: A literal knuckle of a moose.

#4: John Daly of the US

Resembles: A crumpled up piece of paper.

#5: The German luge team

Resembles: A bunch of smushed penises.

#6: Dominik Fischnaller of Italy

Resembles: Not even sure. There appears to be a lot going on in this one.

#7: Samuel Edney of Canada

Resembles: A sideways dong.

#8: Alexander Ferlazzo of Australia

Resembles: A green snake.

#9: Shane Dobbin of New Zealand

Resembles: A very large vagina.

#10: Daniel Pfister of Austria

Resembles: A gord.

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The Track Hack 6:12 PM, March 14, 2014  

I would have been fine going thru life not knowing what a moose knuckle is...

Steve Stenzel 7:12 PM, March 14, 2014  

You're welcome, The Track Hack. :)

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