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>> Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Last semester, I started teaching at Hamline University. (CLICK HERE to go to every post labeled with "Hamline University" on my Photo Blog [currently just 7 quick posts]). I was there for quick half-days last semester, but I'm there for full days a few days a week this semester. That means I can sometimes fit in a workout on campus over lunch. Here's where I've been:

Pool from the window of the indoor track.

During lap swim time.

Looking down upon the practice gym and looking up to the indoor track.

Doing some running on the 11-laps-to-a-mile track. The banked corners are a big help!

After a swim a month ago...

... where the lifeguard let me practice my starts before my swim meet a few weeks back.

The only downside is that the football players seem to meet with the "Strength and Conditioning" coach over my lunch break at Hamline. So the track sometimes has 4 dozen big sweaty men doing leg work and other jumps, and the weight facilities can get overrun at that hour too. (But they leave the pool alone!) Here's all their stuff taking over the little locker room at that time:

I've used the track a few times, done some quick core or leg work a bunch of times, and swam a handful of times so far this semester. I had a GREAT swim last week:

I swam 100s of 1:21.3, 1:22.4, 1:23.6, 1:23.2, 1:24.0, 1:25.8, 1:22.9, 1:23.2, 1:24.8, and 1:22.6 for a 1:23.38 / 100 average!! My previous fastest average was 1:25.1 one month ago as I was getting ready for that swim meet. From now on, I know that when I swim at Hamline, it will be for some SPEED - it'd be hard to do a slow, easy swim with a handful of college swimmers lurking nearby.

Speaking of Hamline, it's class time. I'm off to push back the frontiers of vagueness.

p.s. I'm currently in a 6-person exhibition at Hamline, and the opening was Thursday night. I posted a few photos from the reception on my Photo Blog, so check it out if you want.


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