Friday Funny 692: You Know You're an Ironman When...

>> Friday, March 21, 2014

It's been over 6 years since I did Ironman Wisconsin, but I can still remember the training. posted a list of 20 responses to "You Know You're an Iroman When..."

20. "You see a 26.2 sticker on a car and you say to yourself 'That's all?'" - Jason C Newton

19. "None of your friends will train with you anymore." - Paul Hill

18. "Mike Reilly says so." - Mike Wetherell

17. "You spend more money on your bike than your car." - Jennifer Rendle

16. "When you say to your friends, 'it's JUST a marathon!'" - Michael Friedman

15. "You have more workout clothes than work clothes." - Carrie Smurawa-Calaway

14. "You've peed on yourself two to three times that day. And that's just on the bike and run. Swim start peeing doesn't count." - Tom Scheer

13. "When you stand looking out over a beautiful lake, and your only thought is ... I'd like to swim that!" - Leonard Smith

12. "The tattoo is done!" - Folkert Wierda

11. "You no longer think of a brick as a masonry construction term." - Robert Allen

10. "When you find youself saying things like 'I'm busy tomorrow, I may only get in a five-hour workout.'" - Brian McMillin

9. "When you wear your finisher's hat and medal with an IronDad T-shirt and flipflops to a 'coat and tie required' steakhouse after the race and they gladly let it slide." - Eric Keltner

8. "When your cologne is chlorine." - Jacob Ferrell

7. "You book a race on your first wedding anniversary by mistake. All the while your wife knows and supports and encourages you signing up." - Darin Fulks

6. "When your FB profile picture is of you finishing an Ironman, and you've decide not change it until you finish your next one." - John Hessenthaler

5. "You start wearing tri shorts as normal underwear." - Andy Owens

4. "When you have little to no toe nails left." - Blake Aaron Johnston

3. "You get goose bumps every time you watch one." - James Garris

2. "When you race for the ones that can't." - James Garris

1. "You smile and understand every one of these comments." - Endré Sparkes

#18 was a big deal to me in 2007! :)

About half of these describe me (or described me during my IM training). What's your favorite? What would you add? There were a few comments on the article, and here were my 3 favorite additions to this list:

- When the whole family greets you at the door at the end of your training session desperate to see you.
- When you describe your upcoming 70.3 to friends as "just a training day".
- When your partner say "who are you, do you live here?"

Lots more funny stuff on!


T 6:46 PM, March 21, 2014  

i LOVE #18 says so. it made me happy that IMAZ was my first as it's one of the few that reilly still does. i found out after i crossed that he never actually said the magic words - just "Theresa geist, from Denver". since we ironmen are weird, i was actually kind of bummed out about it.

then ... we learned he was in the hotel room next to us as we were checking out. Brandon mentioned that he never said the words to me so mike, cool as he is, boomed in the hotel hallway at like 7am, "Theresa geist, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN!" perfect cap on the weekend, and the only time i truly cried. :)

Kelly Janowski 8:01 PM, March 21, 2014  

Totally made my day. I'm getting anxious about already being behind for IMWI because I'm training for a marathon. This helps.

Steve Stenzel 8:52 PM, March 21, 2014  

Ha Theresa, that's awesome!!!

And Kelly, you've got PLENTY of time for WI! :)

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