Indoor Triathlon Tomorrow!!

>> Saturday, March 15, 2014

A week ago, I technically did my first speed work in months. I took a spin class and then did a "race pace" 0.5 miles on the indoor track. The spinning wasn't super hard, but the point was that the running was on tired legs. It was less of a "speed" workout and more of a "make sure I can run after biking without getting injured" workout. My hip has just been feeling about the same as I've been slowly increasing mileage, but I don't know what SPEED will do to it.

So the run after spinning was fine! My legs were nicely loosened up from the biking, so I don't see any problems with tomorrow's race. When I did 3 laps on the 1/6 mile track, they were 0:56, 0:55, and 0:55. That was 2:46 for 0.5 miles (5:32/mile pace), and it felt good. (And I just want to note how consistent I've been running lately - the day before that I did my first 2.5 miles in 17:00 and the next 2.5 in 16:59.)


SWIM: 400 yards (in a 50 yard pool).
I'll be going really close to "all out" here. I did the 500 at the "Y Guys" swim meet last month in 7:26, which is 1:29/100 pace. I'd like to see if I can get this 400 as close to 6:00 flat as possible (1:30 pace). I'm going to guess that I'll be around 6:10, but I'm shooting for faster.

BIKE: 8 miles (on a spin bike).
This will be faster than "road miles." I've taken 4 spin classes over the last month or so, and unless I'm doing a lot of standing, I'm usually around 2 minutes / mile. So that'd be 16 minutes for 8 miles. I'll see if I can get that down to 14 minutes. Who knows.

(I'm not going to go completely nuts on the bike. I don't know if going too crazy on the bike would hurt my hip/back/leg, so I won't quite be going all out here. Unless I change my mind while racing.)

RUN: 1 mile (on a 200 meter track).
The last time I did speed work was over 7 months ago (August 11, 2013) before I got injured. I did that brief "brick" workout (I don't feel like I can even call it that) a week ago, and it felt good. I'm really expecting to be able to hit 6:00 on the run, but I'm wondering how far below that I can get. Again, like I just said about the bike, who knows.

Us "super sprint" racers are split between a few waves (waves 1, 4, and 5), so I won't know how I'm doing compared to everyone during the race. I'm hoping to be in the top 3 overall. Should be a fun race! Stay tuned to my twitter tomorrow morning for updates of me and Pharmie racing! And I should have a full report on Monday! Happy weekend!


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