Brooks Transcend Review

>> Saturday, March 08, 2014

Last month, I got a sweet package in the mail from OnlineShoes. It was the brand new line from Brooks: their Transcend running shoe:

I've done one (indoor track) run in them of almost 5 miles, and they treated me well. Here are some thoughts:

Big, but not clunky or heavy.
Nice and stable. A good solid heel for stability.
It had a lot of cushioning. (To be expected with a heel/sole that big.)
Just as flashy as I like.
It has a slightly wider toe-box before it tapers at the front. It's a good fit.
At $160, they're a bit more on the spendy side.

I'll be working these into my running shoe rotation. (Right now, it's 2 pairs, and it will soon be 3 pairs.) But these are so flashy, that I might end up wearing them too much for just day-to-day activities! They might not have a full life as a running shoe, because I could end up using them too much for casual wear. They're too good looking.

If you're curious about all the specs, check them out here. Thanks for letting me check them out, OnlineShoes!

p.s. It's worth noting that they just sent me the shoes; they didn't ask me to say anything good or bad about them. All these thoughts are mine. Even the dirty ones. ESPECIALLY the dirty ones.


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