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>> Thursday, March 06, 2014

This will probably be my last post about Israel and the Israman Triathlon. (HERE was my race report, and HERE'S a giveaway I'm currently doing with some sweet "no flat" stuff from an Israeli company.)

Shortly after the race, I searched Instagram for anything tagged with "Israman" to see images from other people. Here are about 15 photos from strangers from Instagram:

We were greeted at the Eliat airport with lots of race banners.

A view from one of the hotels in Eliat. That's Jordan in the distance,
and the Red Sea is on the other side of the hotel off frame to the right.

An evening swim a few days before the race.

Transition bags ready for race day!

A test swim in the Red Sea the day before the race.

People getting their stuff set up in transition the night before.

RACE DAY!! That was part of the sunrise coming up over the hills of Jordan
that I noted enjoying during my swim in my race report.

Out of the water!

Riding the hills. We all got a pair of those
sweet arm warmers - look for me to bust mine out this spring.

Unlike Ironman-sanctioned races, you can (and were encouraged) to finish with family!

Party at the finish late into the night!

At the awards party the next morning.

Sweet awards!

Me and my Israman shirt at the gym! My Gear West Duathlon
relay partner Pete bumped in to me and complimented me on it. :)

It's the final 2 days to enter my "Joe's No-Flats" giveaway! (Some great guys we met in Israel.) Check it out!

p.s. I never posted about it here, but on my Photo Blog, I posted some Holga photos from my Israel trip. (A Holga is a cheap medium format camera that leaks light and vignettes the edges.) Click that link to check them out. And since I'm talking about photo stuff, stop by the Soeffker Gallery at Hamline University to see some of my work in a show that's opening TONIGHT.


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