Two Henry Updates: Circus and Big Boy Bed

>> Saturday, March 29, 2014

The circus is in town this weekend. Henry and I met Uncle Jon and cousin Evie at the State Fairgrounds for the Shriners Circus yesterday.

Henry LOVED the big cats!

He also loved this thing.

Gymnasts. (The one on the right with the fire is spinning by her hair!)

Jon and Evie!

Henry spotted a Minion (from Despicable Me) at the start of intermission, and he KEPT waving at him!

Down on the floor watching an elephant up close!

Watching the elephant give rides! This was his favorite!

These guys were good...

... check out the guy in the air doing flips over 9 people from l-to-r.

The elephants were Henry's favorite. This guy was huge!

Evie liked the elephants too!

Henry's reaction to some big motorcycle jumps!

Apparently, Jon and I are horrible parents for not covering our kid's ears
for the motorcycles (like the Mom on the other side of Jon). Oops. We're Dads.

Then we came home at 1:30, and Henry had his first nap in his "big boy bed!" We'd been talking about it for a few weeks, and Henry was ready. I posted this on Facebook on Thursday (the day before):

"Tonight will be Henry's last night in his crib. We've been reading bedtime stories
in his "new" room in his "big boy bed," and at nap time tomorrow afternoon, we'll try
to make the permanent switch. Wish us luck!!"

From Instagram: "I'm a little jealous of Henry's "big boy bed" sheets.
(He's moving out of his crib tomorrow afternoon!)"

From Instagram yesterday morning: "Henry's last time in his crib. He woke up with 4 stuffed
animals in his PJs."
(He had them zipped up in there, and just unzipped to show me.

And he did great yesterday afternoon after the circus. We read a few stories, and then he showed me how he was going to sleep in his new bed:

Waving for a photo for Mama!

I snuck in after an hour because I'm "that Dad." He's adorable.

He's now in his bed for the 3rd time (nap, bedtime, nap), and everything's going great. Pharmie and I both expect he'll be good for about a week and then start pushing his limits a bit more. We'll see. I'll report back when he walks in on us for the first time. And then I'll start a "donations" link to pay for his therapy. Until then.


Melissa @ Faster In Water 11:48 AM, April 02, 2014  

Any idea where you guys bought those sheets?

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