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>> Saturday, February 21, 2009

All of our snow was NEARLY gone. We could see much more ground than snow. But today, we awoke to 3+ inches of white crap. Here’s my newly shoveled front walk:

And here’s the neighbors stretch of sidewalk still unshoveled:

So Rural Girl e-mailed me and canceled our run for tomorrow morning. She’s afraid of the cold (it will be around 0), and I’m afraid of tweaking my knee on those uneven running surfaces. Dang. I was looking forward to that run.

Not doing the run means I’ll be fresher for the 5 hour spin class that a bunch of us are doing tomorrow afternoon. Now I have no excuse for wanting to quit early (which I will WANT to do!). I’ll be back tomorrow night with photos and a story of the long spinning session.

Last night, I worked at some of the nastiness on the bottom of my foot. Here’s what it looked like before I started:

Afterwards, I had peeled a lot off. It looked like I spilled fish food (the “flake” kind) all over the bathroom counter. Gross. And, while peeling some dead skin back, out came some pus from one spot. So apparently I was harboring a unknown blister under some of that. Double gross.

And I’m STILL holding on to hope that I won’t lose either of these toenails:

If I lose either (or both), I owe my wife a long backrub. If I keep them, she owes me. I think I can eek this one out! (no, probably not...)

OK, I think Pharmie and I are off to the Y. We’re going to swim (she’s doing a long swim, I’m doing shorter intervals), and then I think I’ll lift a little. Then we have the big 5 hour spinning date tomorrow. I’ll be back late tomorrow with a report on that hell-fest.

Have a good weekend!


trimybest 11:06 AM, February 21, 2009  

hey im posting your interview today.
also there is an indoor tri at my y tomorrow so i have to swim at the uptown y. maybe i will poke my head in on your 5 hours of hell!

Alisa 11:41 AM, February 21, 2009  

Yikes....brrrrr! I do not envy your snow.

Have a great swim, I'll be yogaing and swimming later today!

X-Country2 11:44 AM, February 21, 2009  

Ugg, you MN folks just can't catch a break. I hope no sales tax at Mall of America makes up for it. :o)

Sun Runner 11:49 AM, February 21, 2009  

It's official: runners have the ugliest feet, outdone only by ballet dancers.

Borsch 11:50 AM, February 21, 2009  

Have fun swimming See you later

audgepodge 12:45 PM, February 21, 2009  

Ummm... could you post a warning next time when you're going to post such graphic photos?


So I had bruised toenails like that... two of them stayed, but one fell off... two months later!

Amber Dawn 12:54 PM, February 21, 2009  

first off- ick, ick and ICK.
second- 5 hrs on a trainer? I hope it is for charity or something, otherwise you are completely nuts!!

Lindsay 2:00 PM, February 21, 2009  

gee, thanks for the feet pics. think i might skip lunch today.

I Run for Fun 2:06 PM, February 21, 2009  

5-hour spin class??? Is this a dare or something?

Thatnks for the pics of your feet...now I don't feel bad about mine.

t-odd 2:20 PM, February 21, 2009  

OK - SUPER GROSS! What is wrong with your feet? Have you seen a doctor? (A little tip on the toe nails - super glue - just a little right at the cuticle. They will stay on long enough to get that back rub.)

The Boring Runner 3:45 PM, February 21, 2009  

Wow, 5 hours on a trainer is nuts.

Run For Life 4:37 PM, February 21, 2009  

That shake looks delicious!

Michelle 5:32 PM, February 21, 2009  


I hope you keep your ugly ass nails!!!

sRod 7:14 AM, February 22, 2009  

Jesus Christ! How do you even put on shoes?

joyRuN 9:44 AM, February 22, 2009  

Dude - your feet don't get any prettier with each pic, do they?

Kelly 8:17 PM, February 22, 2009  

You are betting your wife over your TOENAILS?! Wow. I hope my marriage is as hilarious as yours!

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