Friday Funny 23: Valentines Cards

>> Friday, February 13, 2009

Here are some great Valentines Day Cards from Some ECards:

Here’s a great LOL Cat Valentines Card:

Finally, here are 6 Painfully Honest Valentines Day Cards:

That last one is my favorite.
I love the innuendo that has to be explained.

Happy Friday everyone!! Have a good Valentines Day tomorrow!! Two days until my half marathon in Rochester!!!


Ryan 5:16 AM, February 13, 2009  

The best Valentine's sex I ever had was with myself!

Shannon 5:43 AM, February 13, 2009  

Hilarious, you gave me a chuckle! Good luck this weekend, don't bust your arse....

teacherwoman 6:16 AM, February 13, 2009  

Too fun! Good luck this weekend, Steve. You are going to rock that half marathon!

Jess 6:39 AM, February 13, 2009  

Very funny. I like the cat.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland 7:54 AM, February 13, 2009  

I swear the guy holding the rose looks like Leonardo DiCaprio from the Growing Pains era.

JenC 8:24 AM, February 13, 2009  

I love the Boner one. Classic!

Steve Stenzel 8:26 AM, February 13, 2009  

Danielle, I thought the SAME thing!!

Michelle 9:01 AM, February 13, 2009  


Love that!!!


You always make me laugh and I think your swell!!!

YES i wrote the word swell!!!!! :O)

libgyrl 9:08 AM, February 13, 2009  

Run like Cupid...or Hermes...wait they are the same....well have a fast and furious (in a happy way) run!

t-odd 9:19 AM, February 13, 2009  

You're naughty! Boners are funny. And for sure the last card is the best. Good luck this weekend. I would think the roads should be pretty clear and fast.

X-Country2 9:42 AM, February 13, 2009  

Awesome. I love the word "junk".

Emily W 10:00 AM, February 13, 2009  

Hey Steve. First, love the blog. Very funny. Second, we have a friend in common (Keri Naglosky). Small world, since I found you through another tri blog having nothing to do with her... Third, thanks for posting about Dr. Folske and plugging his clinic. I really need ART and a Chiro, so finally my blog reading has proved useful!

Jamie 10:12 AM, February 13, 2009  

Haha. Wow. That last one is my favorite too. Laughed so hard I cried a little.

Unknown 10:46 AM, February 13, 2009  

I was on someecards this morning and your post def sums it all up. Thanks for the good laugh. TGIF! Enjoy your 13.1

Anonymous,  10:58 AM, February 13, 2009  

That guy in the pool is you, right? Photoshop works better than Viagra, doessn't it!

Good luck racing, but only on condition that you post some fresh GFPs; otherwise, I'm jinxing you....

It's time you thought about your image. So far this year, you've been penetrated by a hamster, lost your man-bits in a cold spell, had at least one false pregnancy (that we know of), and been caught floating dead in Norma Desmond's pool....

Well, don't take any more solid gold cigarette cases from rich dowagers, especially when you don't smoke....

P.S. Max threw out your YAK TRAX. They were stinking up the master bed-room....

Borsch 11:00 AM, February 13, 2009  

Wow...that last one is priceless!

Unknown 11:28 AM, February 13, 2009  

"let's Pork" that's classic.

Sarah 11:45 AM, February 13, 2009  

And suddenly my day is a little bit brighter. Thanks!

Amy - the gazelle 11:55 AM, February 13, 2009  

so much romanticism! I love it.

Brian 12:11 PM, February 13, 2009  

very funny. you know you'll be thinking of those during your race. good luck

Heather 12:11 PM, February 13, 2009  

Good luck at the race - should be great weather for running!

tfh 12:57 PM, February 13, 2009  

How come I couldn't find a card like these at CVS?

Have fun in your half marathon!

Trishie 2:09 PM, February 13, 2009  

my junk, your vag. pure brilliance. shakespeare didn't write better ! have a great HM!!

Trishie 2:09 PM, February 13, 2009  

my junk, your vag. pure brilliance. shakespeare didn't write better ! have a great HM!!

Carly 2:42 PM, February 13, 2009  

LOL! Those are great. Happy Valentine's Day.

SingletrackJenny (formerly known as IronJenny) 6:05 PM, February 13, 2009  

All I can say is when Bob refers to my "vag" I just get all horny for him.
As if!!
Happy Valentines Day!

Aaron 7:03 PM, February 13, 2009  

Brilliant. Those are all good!

Diana 7:22 PM, February 13, 2009  

Too funny! Happy Valentine's Day and best of luck at the HM!

KK 7:49 PM, February 13, 2009  

Last one is my fave too. Anytime you can drop a "vag" like that is pretty funny.

Good luck in your half!!!

Lindsay 8:02 PM, February 13, 2009  

love it! i can only hope to get one of these cards tomorrow. good luck in your race!

Kevin 8:44 PM, February 13, 2009  

Very funny!! have a great race

CoachLiz 9:43 PM, February 13, 2009  


Those were good. Yes, I too thought that the guy with the rose looked a little like Leo, but it was Matt Damon that came to mind first.

Dori 11:18 PM, February 13, 2009  


Good luck with your race this weekend.

Anonymous,  10:35 AM, February 14, 2009  

Happy V-Day!

Meanwhile, it's the middle of the Second Great Depression, the middle of February, here in Mortville, U.S.A. and - o, yeah! - WE HAVEN'T HAD A GROSS FOOT PHOTO SINCE JANUARY 21!

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