Speed Tuesday 06: Metrodome Intervals

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

On Tuesday, a few of us met at 5 pm at the Metrodome for a run. Pharmie, Jen, and I ran intervals (4 x 1502 meters). Jeremy was there and just hung out (due to HOPEFULLY a minor foot injury) as his fiancée and daughter walked and ran. And Borsch wanted to make it, but he hurt his knee a little and (smartly) decided to take it easy for a few days.

Jen, Pharmie, and I warmed up a little, stretched a bit, and then we were off. I did 4 x 1502 meters every 7 minutes (about 1:45 rest). I ended up running my fastest intervals at the Dome ever! My times were:


That's an average of 5:13.3 / 1502
(which comes out to about 5:34 / mile pace)
Last time I ran 4, my average was 5:22.

Because Jeremy was just hanging out, he grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos. Here's one of me running my 3rd interval:

Jeremy said I'd laugh at that shot because it was mostly an old, bright man in the foreground. Here's the original, uncropped image:

Good stuff, Jeremy!

Here I am coming around on my next lap:

Oh yeah, do you like my new shorts? I picked them up a few weeks ago for $10 at the Nike Outlet store in Medford. They're shorter than my black running shorts, but longer than the "bowl full of sunshine":

I wrapped up, grabbed my camera, and snapped a photo of Jen and Pharmie finishing their last interval:

The girls had a good run too - it was Pharmie's fastest intervals too! Good day all around! That's it for now. Swing on back tomorrow for a Friday Funny. And I HOPE to have my IM Coz preview this weekend.


Missy 6:15 AM, February 26, 2009  

I like Jeremy..hey, everyone gets credit for being out there!

trimybest 6:55 AM, February 26, 2009  

Haha thanks Missy! Steve that guy looks like he wants to fight! Its a good thing you ran fast. :o)

Steve Stenzel 7:32 AM, February 26, 2009  

Yeah, that guy looks like he's about to offer me a butterscotch candy, take out his teeth, and give me a beat-down! Thanks for calling me "fast!" ;)

Marlene 7:39 AM, February 26, 2009  

I'm loving the the old man shot! Nice job on he intervals.

Amytrigirl (aka Amybee) 8:58 AM, February 26, 2009  

YIKES -- fast intervals and still smiling for the camera! Go you! Go Pharmie!

I didn't see the invite until this am, sorry I missed the fun.

BUT, I'd probably still be finishing up my workout, as I am that pitifully slow right now.

Unknown 9:06 AM, February 26, 2009  

WOW it has been awhile since we have seen a picture of the "bowl full of sunshine". That made my day!

Kim 9:19 AM, February 26, 2009  

that old gentleman makes me laugh! way to sprint it out there steve - looking good!

X-Country2 9:37 AM, February 26, 2009  

I think it's so cool that you get to run inside the Metrodome this time of year. Makes up for the snow the other 10 months of the year, I suspect. :o)

Lindsay 10:03 AM, February 26, 2009  

i love the old man. he is workin it! nice job to both of you on your intervals.

tfh 10:15 AM, February 26, 2009  

Speedy intervals! $10 for running shorts? How can anyone NOT love 'em at that price?

The Boring Runner 10:16 AM, February 26, 2009  

Nice work. I always go back and forth on wearing a shirt while runnning indoors. I sweat like CRAZY and usually try to avoid it at all costs while outside but usually strap it on while indoors.

Also, I agree with XC squared... You crazy MN'tns always amaze me at the things that you have set up to avoid the cold. Those tunnels / skywalks are just amazing!

Michelle 2:02 PM, February 26, 2009  

Your looking good there dude!!!

Marci 3:43 PM, February 26, 2009  

Man Metrodome intervals sound like so much fun! Keep up the good work Speedy!

Alisa 6:07 PM, February 26, 2009  

Nice work Steve and Pharmie!

You have such long strides, no wonder you are so speedy.

Judi 6:25 PM, February 26, 2009  

i just stopped by and saw your new bike - sweet! you are ready for your 70.3! your spin pix are hilarious, pharmie is so pretty. :) you guys look like bro and sis, lol.

CoachLiz 8:22 PM, February 26, 2009  

You can't beat $10 shorts!!!

Unknown 8:33 PM, February 26, 2009  

it is pretty cool that they let you run in the Metrodome ( I am thinking of the correct Metrodome, aren't I). It would be great to find an indoor run larger than 200 meters I get. Oh well.

Awesome splits again!!

I Run for Fun 9:55 PM, February 26, 2009  

I like the cute old man!

Great runs! LOL at the bowl full of sunshine!

RooBabs 9:44 AM, February 27, 2009  

Congrats on the fast intervals! And way to score a deal on some sweet Nike shorts. Although I hope they won't replace the Bowl Full of Sunshine. Those are your trademark- what will you do if/when they ever wear out?

Michelle 10:24 AM, February 27, 2009  

I didn't know they had a Nike outlet store in Medford, WI?! I'm sorry, I just don't think the new shorts are obnoxious enough!

sRod 12:17 PM, February 27, 2009  

Last time I went to a Nike Outlet I basically bought an entire winter running wardrobe for $50. It was wonderful.

Congrats on the speed.

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