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Shannon just “interviewed” me, and I’m willing to return the favor to any other bloggers who would like to participate. Directions are at the bottom. Here’s what Shannon asked me:

1.) What is your dream race (already raced or never raced) and why (details)?
I think the "Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon" would be a blast. It's just SUCH an infamous swim (1.5 miles from the Alcatraz prison to the mainland)! That triathlon also has a shorter bike (18 miles) and a longer run (8 miles), so that's RIGHT up my ally!

2.) What is the biggest adversity in your life that you’re determined to overcome?
Well, YEARS ago (what seems like a lifetime), I conquered a pretty serious 3 year bout of depression. People sometimes wonder why I'm always so chipper, peppy, and happy - it's because I know what darkness REALLY is, and nothing I've been through since has been as tough as those years of my life.

Looking to the future, I'd love to overcome my nasty feet. Unfortunately, I think amputation is the only way this will happen...

3.) Biggie Smalls or Tupac?
I tend to prefer American cars, so I'll go with the Biggie. Although, I HAVE heard pretty good things about the Suzuki Tupac.

4.) What is one thing with 100% certainty you are committed too?
Maybe a few things:
• Pharmie, my lovely wife.
• Making people smile. (In the front of my current journal [Shut your face. So what. I have a journal. I've filled about 6 in the last couple of years. It's actually more of a place to tape movie stubs and stuff like that. You don't like it? Go suck an egg.] there's a fortune taped in with my writing underneath. See:

I know. I'm a big cheese ball.)
• Teaching. (I’m a professor during my day job.) I love sharing any tid-bit I may know that can help out someone else.
• Sometimes, I feel committed to triathlons, but that's just become a "healthy way of life," and not a chore or commitment.
• And sometimes, I feel committed to photography, but my inspiration has been coming and going.

5.) What one question would you ask Barack Obama if you have lunch with him next week?
Why isn't my life perfect yet?

Just kidding. I don't know if I have a specific question. I'd just love to chat over a meal and see what he's all about.

(Yes, #3 above is a joke. I know who they really are. They both own a line of carpet and tile stores, right?)

To play along:
1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by giving you five questions. (I get to pick the questions.)
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Shannon 5:28 AM, February 05, 2009  

Awesome buddy! I DID get a glimpse into more of you which was MY goal. I can relate to the depression thing, had a real bad bad time with it in my early 20's and it was the very worst time of my life. I think that is why today when I hear someone is in a depression, my heart bleeds for them and I want to help in anyway I can (which we both know doesn't do anything).

As far as my witty question, I knew you would answer with some smart ass answer. LOL

Maybe I should of asked...Kanye or 50 cent....

Julia 5:46 AM, February 05, 2009  

Oh, I like this much better than just "if you read this you're tagged" sh*t.
Interview me!

Missy 5:51 AM, February 05, 2009  

I'm glad to see you've overcome or certainly improved (since we all have dark moments, it's just different in how long they last, days or years)... you can see it in your pictures;)

Velma 6:08 AM, February 05, 2009  

Fantastic post! I think it is your honesty thatg keeps people coming back. This is my first comment, but I would be more than happy to be interviewed. I also want to do Escape from Alcatraz tri (I study prisons for a living).

teacherwoman 6:18 AM, February 05, 2009  

Too good! Love the fact that you keep a journal of random stuff. Too cool!

joyRuN 6:22 AM, February 05, 2009  

Sweet, enlightening, & still funny all at the same breath!

Carly 6:24 AM, February 05, 2009  

Great interview! I can really relate to #2 and #5 made me LOL.

Anonymous,  6:37 AM, February 05, 2009  

I'm totally with you on the Alcatraz tri (the bike is soooo my weakness). Give me a long swim and short bike any day...

Unknown 7:22 AM, February 05, 2009  

i love your answer about tupac and biggie. made me giggle.

Marlene 7:32 AM, February 05, 2009  

Great answers, Steve! Keep smiling.

Ryan 7:39 AM, February 05, 2009  

You betta rethink about Tupac... or Iz gunna putta cap in yo azz!

C 7:53 AM, February 05, 2009  

Reading your blog always brightens my day. Thanks for that. :)

Anonymous,  8:08 AM, February 05, 2009  

"I'd like to overcome my nasty feet.... I think AMPUTATION is the ONLY WAY!"

APOSTASY! Don't EVER talk that way!

Every morning, first thing I rip the covers off the end of my bed to see if IT has happened, if GOD has given me STEVE'S FEET or, in lieu of the VERY SAME, ones JUST LIKE them. But there is NO MIRACLE, no LUV. God HATES me, or so I infer, from "His" apparent (STUBBORN!) REFUSAL to perform just this one simple request.

Then to think you don't appreciate them. You don't even WANT them! Every morning you rip the covers from the end of your own bed and say, "BEGONE!"

I seem to hear God LAUGHING.

You sure brightened my day. Keep it up....

Anonymous,  8:12 AM, February 05, 2009  

I come to your blog everyday to get a good belly laugh and this was great.

Someday, I want to meet you and your wife. Just what you want I am sure, is a 'blogger stalker' - ha!!!

Ok, you can interview me. :)

CoachLiz 8:28 AM, February 05, 2009  

Good grief, you blog, you journal, you take all these photos, you facebook, next we are going to hear that you scrapbook! I want photos of all the fancy edge siccors and embossing tools, lol.

Ok, interview me.

Anonymous,  8:57 AM, February 05, 2009  

I've been lacking on material lately...interview me. :)

BeachRunner 9:02 AM, February 05, 2009  

Nice job, Dooood. I really enjoy your blog. It makes me LOL... and feel old and slow and ...

Heather 9:46 AM, February 05, 2009  

I watched the Escape from Alcatraz race on TV once . . . that's probably as close as I'll get! But it did look pretty amazing. And I love your Obama question.

Unknown 10:00 AM, February 05, 2009  

Interview me, amongst all the others. You are going to busy. You have a great blog.

The Boring Runner 10:15 AM, February 05, 2009  

On #2, I 100% believe that you can't enjoy the sun without days in the clouds. Glad you are running in the sunshine now.

Stef0115 10:46 AM, February 05, 2009  

Great post Steve!!! Thanks for your honesty in #2.

Interview me!

Aron 11:07 AM, February 05, 2009  

i love these interviews :) you should definitely do #1!!!! all the bay area bloggers would be out there to cheer :)

trimybest 11:32 AM, February 05, 2009  

interview me! it will give me an excuse to uptade my blog!

i like reading interviews and learning about people.

Kelly 11:35 AM, February 05, 2009  

I love the journal. I used to write in journals... I have like 15 stored away somewhere (not writing just takes too long... I prefer to type).

Kim 11:42 AM, February 05, 2009  

umm you prob already have too many to respond to...but interview me!!!

p.s. thats amazing you overcame depression - so proud of you steve!

Run For Life 11:47 AM, February 05, 2009  

Cool, thanks for posting that - I laughed so hard when I read the go suck an egg comment!

I'm glad you won the depression battle. :)

Bootchez 12:01 PM, February 05, 2009  

Oooh, I'll take an interview. I'm with you on the Tupac Biggie thing, and am glad to see you made it through the darkness of depression with such a bright light in your heart (/cheese).

Charisa 12:14 PM, February 05, 2009  

I think you brighten a lot of people's days and make a difference - very cool!

Michelle 12:31 PM, February 05, 2009  

Who're Tupac and Biggie? I don't 'spose those are aliases for Jon and Richie?!

Don't interview me. I'd be afraid of what you'd ask!

triguyjt 12:59 PM, February 05, 2009  

I really need to be more expansive in my can be very good for the soul. and hey....pros to you for sticking with things when they were very low....its our gift that you pulled through....I know it was nothing to joke about either....

Chic Runner 1:27 PM, February 05, 2009  

that obama sticker made my day. Seriously, I agree. Where's my check! I'm poor! ha ha, anyways, glad to learn more about you, and the tupac, I'll have to look into that model. :)

Jim Smith II 1:54 PM, February 05, 2009  

Another great post Steve and I'll give this interview thing a shot (I agree with Julia, much nicer than "tagging").

George Houston 3:46 PM, February 05, 2009  

Looks like you've got a busy weekend ahead of you.

Interview Me.

holly 5:07 PM, February 05, 2009  

Interview me.

Thanks for the serious laughs - I come to your blog for humour and I have never been disappointed. Especially when the posts involve your feet.

Michelle 7:26 PM, February 05, 2009  

Steve, i think i love you today!!!

Well i love you everyday but today just a tad more!!!

Interview me please!!! But you have to tell me which blog to put it in, my running blog or my rawcool blog!!!!

Your choice!!!

Here is my running blog:

Joe V 10:49 PM, February 05, 2009  

Dude, I have far too much fun reading your blog. And FAR too little material lately for my own. What the hell. Interview me. Oh, and I LOVE the ecard.

Lindsay 11:00 AM, February 06, 2009  

alcatraz definitely sounds like a must-do race! i'd drown in the swim though.

Maria 3:57 PM, February 06, 2009  

I'm curious about what your questions would be... interview me!

brendaj 10:34 AM, February 07, 2009  

Journaling is very cool. Also, somehow it seems just overnight Bubby's sweet little baby feet have turned into yucky boy feet!

SixTwoThree 1:35 PM, February 08, 2009  

I'm glad you made it through the dark side of depression. Great post!

Interview me! (When you can fit me in ;-)

RooBabs 2:06 PM, February 12, 2009  

Wow, I would have never guessed that someone like you would have gone through depression. That's rough, believe me, I know from personal experience (off and on since junior high). But kudos to you for overcoming. I'm sure all that runner's high you experience has a bit to do with it (or maybe I'm up in the night). Great interview!

sRod 6:32 PM, February 12, 2009  

Lots of good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Vincent 2:37 PM, February 19, 2009  

Good read.

I feel bad asking because you've already got so many comments, but if your up to 5 more.

Vincent 2:40 PM, February 19, 2009  
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